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Get Rid of Puffy Allergy Eyes

By Jennifer A. Grossman
Posted On Jun 04, 2014

Learn how to keep allergies away while exercising outdoors.


Warmer temperatures means you can now take your workouts and leisure activities from indoors to outdoors, but it also means allergy season is back and ready to cause discomfort and puffy, irritated eyes. For me, nothing is worse than going out for a run on a beautiful day and coming back home with a stuffy nose and itchy eyes.

So what happens when you’re tired of taking medications that may or may not be effective at alleviating your symptoms? Allergy specialist Dr. Susanne Bennett, author of “The-7 Day Allergy Makeover” offers a few tips to stay allergy free all spring and summer long.

1. Check out pollen.com to discover the time of day that contains the highest pollen content. Use that information to schedule outings or exercises during times with the lowest pollen count.

2. Switch from contact lenses to glasses on days with high pollen counts to avoid small particles burrowing in your eyes underneath the lenses. This will only lead to further eye irritation and puffiness.

3. Put your clothes in the hamper right away and leave your shoes at the door when you return home. By making this a habit, you will limit the spread of pollen throughout the home.

4. Always keep the windows closed on days where the pollen count is high, according to Dr. Bennett. This is another easy method to keep pollen out of the home.

5. Wear natural fibers when exercising outdoors (and whenever possible) because synthetic fibers will attract pollen when rubbed together. “ That daytime jog could turn into an electrical storm of allergies!” notes Dr.Bennett.


PROS: Medication is not required.

CONS: May not work for everyone.


– Gisselle Gaitan, a petite brunette on the hunt for the perfect lipstick.