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Go camping, grow a beard, and pass gas – Your body will thank you

By Gina De Angelis
Posted On Sep 12, 2017
Go camping, grow a beard, and pass gas – Your body will thank you

Ever wonder how strong you really are or what really goes on behind a beard? Let us impart some fun wisdom on you about a few things you may have never even considered.


Superman is actually super average. As it turns out, human muscles are limited by our brain – we actually have the strength to move cars and boulders so the next time you think you’ve maxed out at the gym, channel your inner super human strength and see how much more you can lift.


Does your man have wiry whiskers that drive you nuts? You might think twice once you learn that growing a beard has actual health benefits! Preventing allergies, asthma attacks, rashes, and protecting your skin from the sun are just a few of the many things that those pesky little hairs protect against. So before the next time you hand him a razor and an ultimatum, remember that his beard might actually be making him healthier.


Can’t sleep at night? Here’s a fail proof solution – go outside! Spend one week of camping in the wilderness, without electronics of any kind, and watch as you biological clock is reset and quickly synchronizes your melatonin hormones with sunrise and sunset. You’ll be good as new in no time.


Naps aren’t just for kids anymore. It has been found that day time naps help improve your memory and can help cut the risk of heart disease in the long run. Get your blanky ready because nap time is now for everyone!


Passing gas is having a comeback! No longer something to be embarrassed of, farting is now known to help reduce high blood pressure and be good for your overall health. So instead of holding it in, let it all out! Your health and gut will thank you.



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