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How To Get Kissable Breath

By Ashley Hume
Posted On Apr 02, 2016
How To Get Kissable Breath

August 6th is National Fresh Breath Day! However, isn’t fresh breath really something you want everyday? As onion and garlic lovers know, bad breath (halitosis) is extremely hard to eradicate even with the frequent use of strong mouthwash and gum.

Enter Jacqui Rosshandler, the founder of EatWhatever, a product that addresses the problem of bad breath where it originates, your stomach. Jacqui said, “All of the other products out there were focused on freshening just your mouth and I realized that the bad breath was really coming from your stomach. So I created a vegan gel cap that contains organic oils. When you swallow the gel cap, the oils dissolve in your stomach and it gives you fresh breath from the inside.”

EatWhatever assures “confident, kissable breath” in two easy steps: swallow a gel and suck on a mint. As Jacqui explains, “I also put in a mint that you can suck on because I know that people are kind of familiar with having that feeling of freshness in the mouth. This way, it gives you both. The freshness in your stomach and your mouth.”

Another positive side effect of EatWhatever is its soothing impact on your stomach. “We found that the original peppermint gel cap is really calming on the stomach so that inspired me to create a ginger flavor which would be very soothing on the stomach and works great for nausea.” Jacqui added, “ Ginger EatWhatever freshens your breath but also calms the stomach, helps people with nausea, especially if they are pregnant or if they are traveling.”

And now, thanks to Jacqui, fresh breath isn’t just for humans. After finding that many of her customers were complaining about their dogs’ bad breath, she created Woofmints, a product that gives canines clean-smelling breath when administered twice a day orally. Jacqui said, “When you feed Woofmints to your dog in their food or in a snack, their breath improves exponentially and after about a week they have incredibly fresh breath.”

As the national expert on kissable breath, Jacqui also dispensed some great advice for maintaining good oral hygiene. “I use an electric toothbrush and I’m careful not to be too tough on my gums. Always brush your teeth, floss everyday and scraping your tongue is very important, either with your toothbrush or with a proper tongue scraper depending on what your doctor recommends. “

However, she asserts that it really all boils down to your attitude. “To be kissable, it’s all about confidence. EatWhatever is about confidence. It’s about giving you the confidence to eat whatever you want and still be kissable,” Jacquie said. “And I think having a confident attitude makes you kissable. People are interested in you if you show them that you are happy, that you are friendly, that you are open. I think that’s a big part of being kissable.”

If you want other great tips for attaining kissable breath naturally, check out our five emergency breath tips for date night. Chewing on parsley or eating an apple can help eliminate bad oral odor just in time for a date so you can feel confident —and kissable.