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By New You Editorial
Posted On May 16, 2017

By Dede Lagree

Those who know me best know I’m an unapologetic fitness addict. If I don’t get in my daily workout in, I don’t feel my best. As the owner of the Lagree Fitness Studio in Hollywood, CA, I’m fortunate enough to be able to work out on my terms most days. That said, I also have another passion… travel. I love exploring new destinations and discovering places I’ve never been. My husband and I try to take at least three trips a year, but trying to sneak in a workout in Thailand can be tricky. Thankfully, with a little bit of prep and planning, you can burn off that slice of pizza whether you’re in Manhattan or Milan. Here are my three favorite hacks for any girl-on-the-go on how to best stay fit while traveling.

Use the Terrain To Your Benefit

There’s no better way to enjoy the sights, sounds, and smells of a city than to walk it. Recently, I took a trip Italy, and I was so excited to discover the streets of Rome. But unlike most tourists, I skipped the bus tours and laced up my Nikes instead. I feel that by walking a city, you get an inside view into the daily life of the people who live there… you also sneak in some cardio. When traveling, you’ll want to indulge in different foods and delicacies, and the last thing you want to be doing while tasting homemade pasta from scratch is counting calories. The trick to enjoying lasagna in Maranello is to walk 12,000-16,000 steps a day. Take it from first-hand experience.how to stay fit while traveling

If you’re more of a beach lover than a city girl, water activities are another way to exercise while enjoying a new experience. Take advantage of the nature around you with some kayaking, paddle boarding or snorkeling: these kinds of activities are fun-filled and will give you a surprisingly effective workout. It’s also a no-stress way to keep feeling healthy and energized. Caught indoors between flights? When you’re catching a connecting flight in Denver, avoid the floor conveyor belts, pick your suitcase up from the floor and start power walking. If you avoid escalators and take the stairs, you can get in two-thousand steps before you touch down. Wherever you are in the world, use the terrain to your advantage.

Save Your Splurge For the Destination

As girls who globe-trot, we’re always trying to pack one more bikini in our stilettos. Save some space in your carry-on for your snacks. In order for an airline to serve you that Thai chicken salad while flying non-stop it needs to be made 24 to 48 hours in advance. Save your calories for the fresh carbonara when you land. Before you board, enjoy a big green smoothie and pack an avocado, apple, or bag of cashews. Pickup a liter of water from Hudson News and a piece of dark chocolate for dessert–you’ll have your healthy fats and stay hydrated.

When you arrive at your hotel, skip the minibar. Every city has Toblerone, but does every city have fresh papayas? Walk to the corner store or farmer’s market and pick up some local fruits. You’ll immediately begin experiencing the city you’ve been curious about. You’ll also avoid packaged, unhealthy food, and save your appetite for fresh local finds. Another easy tip is to always have your digestive enzymes within reach. This will help your system process those foreign foods so you can stay on the move.

Get Creative

Whether you’re a business traveler or a fellow Bon Vivant, have fun and get creative while you travel. One of the great things about running the Lagree Fitness Studio is I’m continually learning how much personal fitness progress we can make simply by using our body weight as resistance. By getting creative with your workout, you can adapt it to any environment.how to stay fit while traveling

Ever wonder why hotel rooms always come with desks? It’s so you can use the chair for dips and incline pushups, as well as work remotely. When you’re packing, slip a jump rope or resistance band in your bag. Before you go out for dinner you can sneak some squats and lunges while brushing your teeth, or skip some rope while watching a movie. Then after an authentic French meal, walk it off along the Seine.

Ultimately, I love feeling fit while I travel. I also love feeling like I saw everything I wanted to see and did everything I wanted to do. Staying fit while traveling gives me the energy and endurance to make it to the Mona Lisa before the Louvre closes. By using your destination’s terrain to your benefit, splurging at your destination and having fun you can keep up your routine wherever your passport is stamped.

Dede Lagree owns and operates the hugely successful and fast-growing West Hollywood fitness studio, Lagree Fitness® Studio. Established in January 2016, Lagree Fitness® Studio exclusively offers the only 25-minute full-body workout on the patented Lagree Supra™ machine, the world’s first digitally-controlled intelligent fitness machine to incline AND tilt, created by fitness mogul and husband Sebastien Lagree. 

With a lifelong passion for mind and body health, Dede is also head instructor at the studio and created and trademarked the Booty Burn® class, Lagree Fitness® Studio’s most popular class. With a background in modeling and health, fitness and nutrition have always gone hand-in-hand for Dede which is why she’s completing her education as a certified health coach from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in November 2017 and bringing those services to Lagree Fitness® Studio clients in 2018.