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Why Jogging Around Your Neighborhood is the Best Cardio

By Crystal Mejia
Posted On May 16, 2016
Why Jogging Around Your Neighborhood is the Best Cardio


Forget a treadmill. The best cardio workout is jogging… around the neighborhood. It might seem obvious but some people are not aware that you can get better results from running outside as oppose to the treadmill. More effort is needed when dealing with terrain or wind resistance causing more burned calories. But that’s not the only benefit you get from exercising close to your home. It actually provides you with many benefits that probably never crossed your mind.

Meet new friends with common goals.

Walk or jog around your neighborhood to meet people who are probably new to the area. If they are exercising, chances are you might find yourself a workout buddy or someone to discuss health topics with.

See things you’ve never seen before!

We get consumed with technology and our families at home but do not spend enough time enjoying nature. Get exposed to new discoveries around the area that you probably didn’t notice before.

Produce Vitamin D.

Your body will produce large amounts of vitamin D when exposed to the sun. It takes about 20 minutes of sun exposure to produce the right amount of Vitamin, depending on your skin type. Click here to  determine how long you should be in the sun for.

Fresh Air Equals Oxygen Supply.

Fresh air will supply your brain with oxygen. The air you inhale indoors is not fresh and may not give you the right supply of oxygen you need to be healthy.

Save gas!

Literally get dressed and step outside. No car is needed. Who wouldn’t love to save some gas!

It’s Free!

Gym memberships usually range from $10-$30 (sometimes more) a month. You’ll be spending $120-360 a year! Invest those funds or save towards your next trip instead!

Let us know about your jogging experience below!