Katrina Bowden talks health and wellness at DryBar

By Gina De Angelis
Posted On Aug 03, 2017
Katrina Bowden talks health and wellness at DryBar


We caught up with actress and blogger Katrina Bowden at the Drybar Charcoal event in LA for the inside scoop on how to keep everything from her beautiful blonde locks looking great to her tips on staying fit.


Katrina is no stranger to blonde maintenance so she filled us in on her own personal tricks, “I try not to wash it too much. I wash it just a couple times a week. I try to deep condition it and not put too much stuff in and keep it natural. My hair is colored so it tends to break a lot so I try to treat it really well.” She also explains the importance of using the right products. “I’m really into Blonde haircare. I do a cleansing treatment every week. I use Kevin Murphy Blonde Angel for blonde hair. I’m a beauty junkie so I like to always try new things. I’m really into this oil mask that Paul Mitchel makes right now that I think is really awesome and really hydrating.”


As an active person, Katrina does it all. “I love working out! I usually work out 5-6 times a week. I like to do pilates, boot camp classes, hiking, and running, I like to try it all and mix it up!”


When not sweating it out, she also keeps up with a healthy lifestyle with supplements and healthy eating and living. “I take a multivitamin and I take biotin every day for my hair and nails and I drink a lot of protein shakes, usually plant based protein is what I like. I focus on wellness, healthy lifestyle, and fitness because that’s what I’m passionate about!”


She also gave us some powerful words to live by, “Go after what you want to do! Don’t get complacent and always fight for what you feel like you want to be doing and what your dream is!”

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