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Latest on Extra Virgin Olive Oil

By New You Editorial
Posted On Jan 27, 2013

New You Anti-Aging Tip:Boost your intake of extra virgin olive oil for its anti-aging benefits.




Already labeled as one of the “healthiest foods in the world,” extra virgin olive oil is back in the news. The Rejuvenation Research journal published their latest study on how middle-aged mice reacted to the polyphenols in the substance after six and 12 months. The result was that extra virgin olive oil, by affecting different brain areas, prevented age related motor function loss and improved contextual memory! For optimal benefits, purchase brands with acidity levels of one percent or less and seek oils from a single region that has been approved by agricultural agency. Also opt for dark or tinted bottles that protect the nutrients from sun damage. Most importantly, remember to use extra virgin oil as a “topping” on your salads, pasta, and fish to preserve its nutrients instead of cooking with it. This is because heat causes a break down of the superfood’s nutritional value.