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Lisa Ling on being healthy with young kids and more

By Gina De Angelis
Posted On Oct 02, 2017
Lisa Ling on being healthy with young kids and more


The always lovely Lisa Ling was at the 2017 Women Making History Awards at the National Women’s History Museum when we caught up with her. Proud to be at the event, Lisa had this to say about women in society today, “When you really think about it, very few women have successfully been able to break through that glass ceiling and so it’s important that we celebrate and honor them to inspire those of us – all of us – that are still continuing to try and fight our way up. It’s crucial I think, that we celebrate each other.”


Being world-renowned for her hard hitting journalism and contributions to the field, Lisa has many women in her life she credits for pushing her toward success. “I have a lot of bad ass women in my family – my mom, my two grandma’s, even my mother-in-law – whose constant support have meant everything to me, but they were all working mothers who sacrificed so much and I wouldn’t be the woman I am today if I didn’t have them.”


Having worked alongside many notable names in Hollywood, Lisa shared with us some of those have inspired her the most, “Professionally, I have been the luckiest woman in the world to have been able to work with the likes of Oprah Winfrey, Barbara Walters, Meredith Viera, and there was one woman as a young, aspiring, Asian-American journalist who really inspired me so much and that was Connie Chung. If you ask any female, Asian journalist in my generation, they will all say that Connie Chung was the one person that inspired us but she doesn’t get enough credit. She really was a pioneer. She, to me, symbolizes all that is elegant and graceful and intelligent and she needs to, I think, receive more credit than she’s been given.”


When not uncovering the facts and reporting on world issues, Lisa is just like every other woman in the world. “I’m as guilty as any woman for being hypersensitive about what I look like. It really is something that plagues so many of us, especially those of us who work on camera but what I really try to do is, especially as a mother of two really young kids, is just try to be healthy, that’s really important. When you’re healthy, that is reflected in what you look like, and how you act, and your demeanor and how your brain operates and so for me just being able to get enough cardio is something that’s important and just putting the right things into my body. I’m lucky that I don’t have a sweet tooth but I love sodium so I try really hard to reduce or cut out all the bad stuff, I need to at my age.”