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Looking For a Hard Body? Go For Soft Stones

By Danny Musico
Posted On May 20, 2016
Looking For a Hard Body? Go For Soft Stones

Our big-hitting star trainer with the mostest explains why Rage Fitness’s Soft Stone delivers pure power.

I know, it’s unlikely that you’ll be competing in a strongman competition anytime soon. (Although, who knows, this is 2016, and the wild world of fitness has never been as “high concept” as it is today.) However, if you’re ready to test your explosive power and give your body an intense workout it won’t soon forget, it’s time you got acquainted with the Soft Stone from Rage Fitness (ragefitness.com).

One of the top ways to increase your strength and power, the Rage Soft Stone, made of highly durable vinyl, has become a staple of elite cross-training gyms across the nation and were even featured in the recent Highland Games in Los Angeles. Like the imposing cement balls that one would traditionally see heaved around at a classic strongman competition, traditionally known as “Atlas Stones,” the classic move with the Soft Stone is simple: Pick it up and toss it over your shoulder… All 100 to 200 pounds of it. Challenging? You bet… although its soft construction means you won’t risk cracking your floor. (That said, I had fun adding some destructive effects to my own Soft Stone drills on my Instagram: @dannymusico)

One thing I had fun doing was reimagining the classic “spin drill” practiced by high school and college wrestlers. I’ve got some video footage of myself using the Soft Stone as the perfect stand-in during a spin drill. Check that out on my Instagram or @dannymusico on Twitter. Basically, you get low and spin like hell, then at the whistle, you pick up the Soft Stone and toss it. Any school’s wrestling team not incorporating Rage’s Soft Stone is missing a killer opportunity.

I’m a huge believer in all of the Rage Fitness products that have come out, and I encourage you to check back in as I walk you through some other great Rage offerings in coming weeks. In the meantime, try maxing out your strength potential with these Soft Stones. Get it done, people