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Lose the Baby Weight with this Incredible Pregnancy Plan

By Chris Sanchez
Posted On Feb 06, 2018
Lose the Baby Weight with this Incredible Pregnancy Plan

Your life is a journey of interconnected experiences packaged together that form an image of the person you are. These stories don’t exist in a vacuum, each leg of your journey is influenced by an earlier one and vice versa. They vary in importance, from the mundane trip to the grocery store to the pivotal career choice that decides your future. You can be distilled into these stories, but no single story can distinctly illustrate who you are quite like how you treat pregnancy.

Amber Dawn Orton/Fokken and Catherine Holland Gorshe are mothers, yet they’re much more than that. They’re trainers, educators, former bikini bodybuilding competitors, and accomplished fitness industry professionals. Recently, they became pregnant at the same time, so they took that opportunity to center their bodies and deliver healthy babies while staying fit. This process of applying fitness and nutrition techniques to the world of pregnancy is the subject of their joint e-book, Your Sustainably Fit Pregnancy Plan.

Amber and Catherine take you on a journey of exercises, recipes, supplements, and more techniques that will make your pregnancy plan sustainable. This isn’t a how-to guide as much as it is two friends who are excited to share their experience of feeling good and keeping in shape while pregnant.

Excerpted from Your Sustainably Fit Pregnancy Plan (payhip.com, $89)

By Amber Dawn Orton/Fokken and Catherine Holland Gorshe


Staying Motivated to Exercise

If the act of exercising while pregnant brings chills down your spine and causes the hair on the back of your neck to stand up, then you’re not alone. Most of us would rather be in bed and taking our prescribed daily intake of chocolate, pizza, and ice cream, but keeping your body moving can lead to plenty of benefits.

  • Manage Weight Gain: Not only are you less likely to have excessive weight gain, but you’re also more likely to bounce back postpartum with greater ease.
  • Lowered risk of Gestational Diabetes (GD): You will be tested for this at the 28-week mark. Keeping your blood sugar low and stable is important for lowering the odds of preterm delivery and/or an overweight baby.
  • Better Mood: The intense hormones, backaches, and mental fatigue that define pregnancy will bring stress and bitter moods. Exercising will give you a daily dose of pleasure-inducing endorphins!
  • More Energy: It seems counterintuitive at the time, but even just 5-10 minutes of exercises or going for a walk will help improve your energy levels. Trust us as we say, “get up and move!”
  • Going to the Bathroom will be Easier: Pregnancy hormones, along with your growing uterus, can increase the likelihood of a back up in the intestinal tract. Exercise helps a ton with regularity.
  • Placenta Benefits: The increased blood circulation supplies an increased amount of oxygen and nutrients to the placenta.
  • Better Comfort: Exercises such as prenatal yoga, and other back and hip stretches are a tremendous aid to comfort. Staying physically active can also help in the prevention of water retention.
  • Greater Success for an Un-Medicated Birth or C-Section Delivery: The research has shown that regular exercise while pregnant reduces chances of a C-section by up to four times!
  • Easier Labor and Delivery: While there are no guarantees, strong muscles and a well-conditioned cardiovascular system will certainly give you more stamina when your big day arrives. This is especially true during the pushing stage.

This is just a taste of what you get from this incredibly in-depth pregnancy plan. From meal plans to workouts to body image motivation and more, this e-book wraps everything you need to know about keeping your body and your baby healthy. These incredible women share personal stories of how those methods worked for them and how they’ll work for you.

You also get access to a private Facebook group where you can receive support, share challenges and successes, recipes, birth stories, and other helpful advice from other women who have experienced to joys of childbirth.

Your pregnancy is one of the most important experiences that you’ll ever have. A step that huge shouldn’t be taken alone and with this plan, you’re not going to be. Amber and Catherine have created the perfect plan for mothers or expectant mothers to give birth without having to sacrifice their body.