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Mouth Check

By New You Editorial
Posted On Apr 05, 2013

New You Health Tip: Check your mouth to improve your health.

The dreaded dentist chair is not simply a site for punishing scrapes and drills; it’s a place for preventative care. A dentist can detect nearly 120 medical conditions that relate to more than just oral health. Nearly one in every two Americans (yes half!) suffer from gum disease and do not knowr what it means for their overall health. Cardiovascular disease, pancreatic cancer, strokes and diabetes are three ailments that are linked to the inflammation caused by gum disease. A beautiful smile, then, is one important indicator of  well-being. So fear not the tubes and metal instruments poking around in your mouth. For optimal oral and overall health, it is important to visit the dentist one to two times a year, brush for a full two minutes, and floss regularly.