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New App Helps People Manage Pandemic Stress

By Contributor
Posted On Aug 25, 2021
New App Helps People Manage Pandemic Stress

The pandemic changed the world as we know it. While, sadly, many businesses closed, the unforeseen period was also a time of incredible innovation. That is especially true in the healthcare field. The traditional means of helping people was no longer possible as hospitals and medical staff were dedicated to fighting COVID-19. So, telemedicine boomed. And now, a new doctor-backed lifestyle-tracking app–Envol–is helping people manage the stress of the pandemic. 

Mental health problems have increased tremendously since the start of the pandemic, with 53% of adults saying that COVID-related stress and worry have damaged their mental health. That’s on top of the lack of in-person doctor’s appointments due to COVID. With that in mind, co-founder Julie Morin developed Envol to allow healing to happen at home.  

So, how does the app work?   

Users input data such as how many hours a day you’ve spent in the sun, how much healthy food you’ve consumed, how much time you’ve spent moving, and how much time you’ve spent in nature. You then get a “recharge score” out of 100. With that score, the app will give daily tips and recommended healing tools like meditations, 3D sound journeys, affirmations to help guide you to better health. Most people range from 50-70, but reaching above 70 will help improve your health, mood, give you more energy and reduce symptoms of chronic illness. Plus, the more you use the app, the more it knows how to guide you. 

“We have seen an enormous increase in stress related to the pandemic over the last 18 months,” says Portland-based, licensed naturopathic physician Dr. Laura Gouge. “So many people have lost access to their normal outlets for stress reduction, whether it was therapy, time with friends, or going to the gym. Envol provides the opportunity to gently manage stress without needing to leave home, which makes it a great and safe option during a pandemic.” 

The original concept of Envol came in 2015 when Morin’s health began to decline spending four years in a wheelchair. After many misdiagnoses and unsuccessful treatments, she created her own wellness routine focused on healthy food, nature, meditation, restorative movement, rest, and gratitude. She’s since healed and walking again and knew now was the time to share that insight with the world via technology. 

“Our concept is not solely based on mental wellness, but also considers physical well-being and the benefits of simple and achievable habits like going outside and feeling gratitude,” Morin says. Implementing a simple but steady routine by creating the conditions in which our body and mind thrive can be the foundation of a healthy mind and body.” 

She added, “It doesn’t have to be daunting; it can be as simple as spending time in nature, feeling gratitude, going to bed early, or stretching in the morning. When added and done consistently, it’s the little things that have the biggest impact on our health and well-being. And this health tracker helps you do that.”