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New You Exclusive With Super Trainer Vinny Faust

By Andrew Stone
Posted On Jun 15, 2016
New You Exclusive With Super Trainer Vinny Faust

Want a body like Ryan Reynolds, Chris Evans, or Gal Gadot (a.k.a. Deadpool/Green Lantern, Captain America, and Wonder Woman)? Vinny Faust, level-three trainer at Equinox, helps you become your own hero.

There’s a guy I know, who I call “Lantern.” That’s not his real name, mind you… His real name is Vinny Faust (pretty cool, as is), and he’s an elite, level-three trainer based out of the Equinox Fitness at Greenwich Avenue in Manhattan. Now, I am friendly with a number of premier trainers, many of whom I hope to introduce you to in coming months. Why Faust is a great resource right now, on the precipice of swimsuit season, is simple… He’s seriously built like a superhero (the guy’s sinews have sinews), and when I first met him, he was dressed like the Green Lantern.

More specifically, he was wearing one of those very breathable, exceedingly flattering Under Armour workout shirts, emblazoned with the Green Lantern symbol. (A genius bit of crossover branding.) His confident manner, impressive physicality, and pleasant demeanor all lent themselves to the notion of this good guy, flying through the sky and kicking butt when need be. He looked the part.

So, we got to talking, and then I thought about you all. Wouldn’t it be nice to feel like a blockbuster movie-worthy superhero when we hit the beach or garden party circuit? Who better than the Lantern to help us along? And so I made it happen. You’re welcome.

NEW YOU: Vinny! I mean, Lantern… What are the do’s and don’ts of looking and feeling like a superhero?

VINNY FAUST: In order to feel like a superhero, you must first think and act like one. A superhero exudes success, and the easiest way to set yourself up for success is to surround yourself with it. Positive association. Don’t think you have to starve yourself to reach your goals.

NY: What has been the key to your relationships with your clients, helping them meet their goals?

VF: It’s easy to get caught up in trying to spew all of your knowledge whenever a client asks a question. I was enlightened early on, learning that people care less about what you know when they know how much you care.

NY: Many people hit the gym often but their bodies don’t make those great changes. What often is the culprit here?

VF: A lot of people want an easy fix; the path of least resistance. This will only lead to OK results. Superheroes don’t get a course outline; they must be ready for everything. To be superhero-fit you must train your body and mind to be multifaceted.

NY: It’s always uncomfortable to work out near someone with terrible form, especially when they pile on the weight… What’s your approach to proper execution of exercises?

VF: Form must come first! Then, the level of your resistance should be determined by your individual goals. Intensity, duration, and frequency are the variables that should be taken into consideration to create a successful program.

NY: What do you think of the notion of the “diet,” and is there a food philosophy to which you prescribe?

VF: I never liked the word. I’ve always said that you need to live like you want to look. You can look OK, or you can look like a superhero… The choice is yours. However, superhero eating habits don’t necessarily require eliminating anything. Rather, you can really see noticeable change by focusing on ingredients and how foods are grown and prepared.

NY: What’s your own take on the concept of “heroes”?

VF: Heroes are an integral part of humanity. Everyone with a passion in life should have one. They inspire hope, and promote faith and diligence. Most importantly, they teach us how to dream big.

NY: What would you say to someone who has very great stretches of training and treating themselves well, then falls out of the habit?

VF: Life is a roller coaster, which, just like training and sports, is full of highs and lows. “The best laid plans of mice and men often go astray…” which is why I coach doing something for your goals every day, whether they be big or small. Every failure is a lesson that allows you to see your eventual results or success as a diploma or a degree. Without struggle, there is no progress.