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Proper Proportions

By New You Editorial
Posted On Aug 13, 2013


NEW YOU Health Tip: Portion control is key to weight loss and weight maintenance.

Learning what a portion size actually is can be tricky, yet it is a key component for weight loss. Try these tips and shortcuts to eat what your body needs, not what your eyes want.

Use visual cues for portion control. For example, half a cup of whole-grain cooked pasta is about the same size of a hockey puck. Check out this serving size cheat sheet.

Before eating, divide your plate in half. Fill one side with fruits or vegetables and the other side equal parts protein and starch.

When eating out, split a serving or ask the server to put half of the meal in a to-go box.

Eat four to five small meals throughout the day, rather than three oversized meals.

Use the Meal Measure Tool to measure the food sitting on your plate.