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Quick Stress Tips

By New You Editorial
Posted On Jul 12, 2013

New You Health Tip: De-Stress with just a few simple steps.


Feeling a little bit more stressed than usual? It happens to the best of us. Between managing your family’s schedule, deciding on what to make for dinner, that project at work, oh and let’s not forget that pile of laundry that has been giving you ‘dirty’ looks every time you pass by- it’s no wondering you may be overwhelmed.

We all know that stress ultimately leads to those pesky things called wrinkles, so for preventive maintenance try incorporating these three tips when you feel that surge of stress coming on.


Get Active

Physical activity is the number one recommended stress reliever. Exercise burns through nervous energy and counteracts tension by releasing endorphins that will help better manage anxiety.  Take a brisk walk around the office or your neighborhood, and get some of those ‘feel-good’ hormones.


Take 15 minutes to yourself to practice breathing and meditation in silence. Breathe in slowly through your nose and exhale through your mouth. Studies show deep breathing is very relaxing.

Let it Go

If you find yourself worrying excessively, take a step back and think about what you can and cannot control. Holding on to negative feelings or worrying about things we cannot control will only prolong the stress we experience.