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Real Men Get Liposuction

By New You Editorial
Posted On Mar 21, 2011

If you perform liposuction, you likely have a patient mix that’s predominantly female. (No news there.) However, that’s not the case for Jeffry Schafer, MD, an associate of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery, who practices in San Diego, Calif. We were just as surprised as you will be to learn that more than half of his liposuction patient base is men. And not just any man off the street. We’re talking American Service Men! The reason? He practices near Naval Base San Diego, homeport of the U.S. Pacific Fleet, which consists of 57 Navy ships and 2 Coast Guard cutters. According to Dr. Schafer, Naval personnel must meet certain physical requirements to remain in the service. Among these are height-to-weight ratios and, according to Dr. Schafer, certain height-to-girth requirements. So what’s a guy to do if he can’t meet these requirements? Liposuction, of course! Naturally, Dr. Schafer is not averse to sculpting a little form into the Navy personnel. Six packs anyone…?


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