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Say NO to Drugs

By Tiffany Thomas
Posted On Apr 18, 2016
Say NO to Drugs

Attention medicine hoarding fanatics: This one’s for you.

How often have you found yourself rushing to the pharmacy to pick up medicine at the slightest hint of a cough or sore throat? If today’s society has taught us anything, it’s that pretty much the cure to any ache is just two Advil’s away.

However, research has shown that certain common medicines can actually lead to memory loss and problems in thinking for older individuals. Particular drugs used for allergies, heartburn, fevers, colds, and flus have negative effects on the human brain.

According to Daily Mail, “the drugs block the chemical acetylcholine, which is involved in the transmission of electrical impulses between nerve cells.”

Some of the drugs that shrink the brain include Paxil for depression, Benadryl for colds and allergies, and Zantac for heartburn.
Rather than seeking a cure in over-the-counter or prescribed medication, here are some alternative remedies you can try the next time you find yourself becoming sick.

  • Hot Liquids

Hot liquids have been said to loosen secretions in the chest and sinuses which ultimately eliminates congestion. It also stimulates the immune system and is an age-old remedy for colds, flus, stomach aches, and more. Try sipping on some tea or broth to help fight the virus.

PRO TIP: Drink peppermint or ginger tea to get rid of stomach aches. Peppermint helps in calming the nerves of the stomach while ginger helps to reduce inflammation and promotes blood circulation.

  • Hydrate and Rest

One of the best things you can do when your body is fighting illnesses would be to keep hydrated while getting as much rest as possible. If you’re accustomed to drinking one bottle of water a day when you’re feeling fine, drink 3 when sick, and if you find yourself staying up until 1:00 in the morning watching reruns of your favorite show, turn off the T.V and get those extra hours in dreamland.

Pro Tip: It’s best to take a day off from work or school when you’re illness has gotten severe. While you may be dreading the tons of work you have to get done, you should never overwhelm your body with more than it can bare.

  • Eliminate Carbs and White Foods

This one may be a challenge seeing that all I want to do when I have a cold is wrap up in my blanket while stuffing my face with comfort food. Foods that include cheese, milk, sugar, and dairy will not aid in healing process. If anything, they actually slow it down because they can destroy the immune system further.

PRO TIP: It’s actually not necessary to throw yourself a pity party when sick and have all your favorite junk foods laid out on your side table. Try sticking to soups and teas to help you heal as quickly as possible. If your stomach is crying out for help, try blending green vegetables to keep your tummy full and healthy.

  • Hydrogen Peroxide

This kid-friendly remedy is perfect for getting rid of ear infections that most children suffer from. Simply place a drop of hydrogen peroxide in both ears and remain still until the bubbling goes away. Repeat the same steps throughout the day every few hours until irritation and infection is gone.

PRO TIP: Toothache? No problem! Just rinse your mouth out with some hydrogen peroxide and let it sit for a few minutes. Do as many times as you need throughout the day. It’s a great way to get rid of those stubborn aches and prevent root canals.