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Seeds of Life

By Ruchel Louis Coetzee
Posted On Feb 22, 2021
Seeds of Life

One tiny seed is packed with a mountain of health benefits. But be sure to only eat them raw, soaked, or mashed, as heat zaps their nutritional value.  Also, try the delicious tomato, chia, and pomegranate salad below.


At least 60 clinical trials were registered with the National Institute of Health this year to examine the effects of pomegranates on a myriad disorders. High in vitamins C and K, as well as dietary fiber, a palm full of pomegranate is a delicious, healthy treat.


Cumin seeds have been used since ancient Egyptian times and are as ubiquitous on Middle Eastern tables as pepper is to us. Stews and curry dishes are lost without cumin’s distinctive flavor and unmistakable aroma. Rich in iron and other essential fatty acids, cumin helps boost liver function.


Although hemp comes from the cannabis plant, it contains negligible amounts of the psychoactive substance found in marijuana. What hemp seeds will get you high on is protein, as well as those nine essential amino acids our bodies cannot produce.


Native to Mexico and Guatemala, these little black or white seeds were as important as maize to the Aztecs. They are rich in omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin B, and add a healthy boost to any morning smoothie or bowl of cereal.


Used extensively in clinical trials, the compound amygdalin (B17), found in the apricot kernel, is purported to help with cancer treatment. Mediterranean apricot kernels are sweeter than their bitter-tasting cousins and can sometimes be substituted for almonds in recipes.

Tomato and Pomegranate Salad

2 ½ pounds of heirloom tomatoes (red and yellow) diced small

1 small red onion chopped finely

1 red pepper cored and chopped finely

1 large clove of garlic chopped finely

Seeds of one pomegranate

Some fresh oregano leaves


½ tsp ground allspice

2 tsp apple cider vinegar

25 ml agave syrup

60 ml olive oil

1/3 tsp salt


Mix tomatoes, onion, red pepper, and garlic in a bowl together. Whisk the dressing in a separate bowl and then combine all ingredients together.  Arrange all the ingredients on a platter and sprinkle the salad with the pomegranate seeds and oregano leaves. Finish off with a little extra drizzle of olive oil. Enjoy!