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Sleep Your Way to Better Health

By New You Editorial
Posted On Mar 21, 2014

New You Health Tip: Help prevent sleeping problems by turning off technology before bed.

Daylight savings time may have interrupted your sleep patterns, but its disturbance pales in comparison to the sleep problems caused by late night gaming web surfing, and texting. The 2011 Sleep in America poll indicated that 60% of respondents on average overall watched TV and 39% used cell phones prior to bed. As a result, we become extremely over stimulated before attempting to rest. Additionally, the light from these screens tricks the brain into thinking it is daytime by suppressing the hormone melatonin (responsible for telling the brain it is time to sleep). Experts advise that shutting off technology at least an hour before bed is one of the best natural sleep remedies. In place of Netflix for instance, try picking up a book, turning on your favorite music, or lighting a candle and soaking in the tub. All of these natural health remedies will help you avoid sleeping problems, stabilize your routine, improve concentration and memory, and contribute to overall wellness. Make the change tonight.