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Sound Waves That Blast Fat

By New You Editorial
Posted On Aug 17, 2011

Do you have a bit of fat in the waist that you just can’t make disappear with diet or exercise? Does the idea of a long, orchestrated surgery sound like too much for your small troubled spot? Fear not! Researchers led by Mark L. Jewell, MD, of Oregon Health Science University have found a noticeably effective, non-invasive substitute for liposuction: high intensity ultrasound. While this method has been around for a while (SmartLipo, Vaser, Liposonix, UltraShape), the recent study in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery proves that it really works, reducing the stubborn fat that non-obese patients want gone from the waist. The real benefit is that it destroys sections of fat at precise tissue depths without damaging the skin or surrounding tissue. Researchers evaluated 180 patients, (the majority of them women), divided into three groups that underwent high-intensity, low-intensity or no ultrasound treatment. After twelve weeks of treatment, the high-intensity group lost an average of one inch in waist size. One third of the high-intensity group lost even more. And just like other non-invasive techniques, the procedure gives you less anxiety, less pain and a fast, safe alternative.


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