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Surfing in the Workplace? Yes, it’s possible

By Cameron Peek
Posted On Jul 15, 2018
Surfing in the Workplace? Yes, it’s possible

Do you ever look at Alana Blanchard or Bethany Hamilton and say, “Oh my goodness, I wish I could be a surfer!” I’ve thought this more than a few times, especially being from Michigan where the closest thing I get to waves is the whitecaps on Lake Michigan. Luckily, I’ve found something that makes surfing in the workplace a reality. No, I don’t mean surfing the internet. I can spin, tilt, balance, squat and surf the carpet at our offices while simultaneously combatting the sitting disease (check out our other article). This is all thanks to Fluidstance, the board that allows you to move while you work.

Founder and CEO Joel Heath shares his creation below.


I’ll start with the disclaimer, I’m an average Joe who was given The Original FluidStance board to try out because my boss saw me standing at my high desk. My humble, honest opinion: it’s great and I’m using it while I type this article. The first thing I noticed was a core and triceps workout. While I’m typing, I have to engage my obliques and abdomen to swing left and right and use my triceps to stabilize while I type. If anything, I find myself more focused because I’m not so tense and rigid as I work. I can tilt forward, backward and left to right or spin in circles if I need to wake up a smidge.


The board is scientific. It doesn’t allow your foot to bend past normal movement. It takes into account standard dorsiflexion and plantarflexion and doesn’t allow your body to move past optimal limits of motion.

The boards also sports an eco-friendly design. The FluidStance company has stated their commitment to using eco-conscious materials in the fabrication process. The Original board uses bamboo, one of the most abundant and renewable resources. The company also uses GREENGUARD for the finish, which meets rigorous low emission requirements and the sand-cast bases are made by hand in a zero-waste process. Their website goes into more detail but the main idea is, they are eco-friendly.

You burn more calories when you’re moving on the board. Immediately when you sit, calorie burning drops to one per minute. When you’re on the board, it forces you to engage the core, leg muscles, and upper body to keep you upright. I also found a heightened sense of awareness when I was on the board, compared to sitting in my chair. The board is also what you make of it. You can be as active or stationary as you want, it’s all up to you.



If you’re on a budget like I am, the price might be a slight concern. The least expensive board is The Plane and it comes in at $189.00. Next is The Level which ranges anywhere from $289.00 to $389.00 based on the finish (maple, bamboo, walnut). Finally, you can own The Original for the ticket price of $489.00.

There isn’t a lot of outside research on the FluidStance specifically. All of the research on the website comes from the Heeluxe Testing, a private science center for footwear research and innovation.


Considering I’m on a budget, it would definitely be an investment, but worth it. I might go for The Plane instead which is a little more cost efficient than The Original board that I tested.

All in all, a great product that can fulfill your surfer dreams and keep you moving all day long.