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Switch It Up and Bathe On For a Healthier You

By Gina De Angelis
Posted On Mar 20, 2017
Switch It Up and Bathe On For a Healthier You

Fun facts for a happy, healthy lifestyle.


If motivation is your hang-up, change your exercise routine every 14 days. A University of Florida study discovered that people who modified their workouts twice a month were more likely to stick to their plans compared to those who changed their regimens whenever they wanted to. Boredom didn’t appear to be a factor; it seems people simply enjoyed the variety more.


Keep Calm and Bathe On! According to a recent British study, taking hot baths can actually help you burn calories. Researchers found that by increasing the core body temperature by one degree, participants burned the same amount of calories as someone who walked for 30 minutes.


An apple a day keeps the coffee away. Apples contain a high amount of vitamins, phytonutrients, antioxidants, and fiber to keep your body going. A medium apple is about 90 calories and has about 13g of NATURAL sugar. These sugars provoke a similar response to caffeine making you feel more awake without the jolts, mood swings and unpreventable crash of your cup of Joe.


496 – According to a British insurance firm, this is the average weight of worry; the equivalent of a panda, gorilla, or tiger. The firm created an interactive calculator that finds out how much an individual’s worries weigh. While this tool shouldn’t be used to make any major medical decisions, nothing says relax like picturing your stress load the size a quarter-ton jungle animal. Source: Dr. Oz The Good Life