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Taming The Tough Guy

By New You Editorial
Posted On Mar 22, 2011

4 Steps To A Younger Face

Step #1: Condition While You Shave
Just because you’re tough doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be sensitive to your skin! Try using a moisturizing shaving foam like Beard Lube Conditioning Shave to soften your whiskers and shave safe and easy.
Available at: www.getjackblack.com, $32

Step #2: Brow Know-How
This isn’t the ice age, guys. It’s time to tame those unruly brows! Simply tweeze strays and snip overgrown hairs straight across. Voila—instant polish!

Step #3: Moisturize & Protect
That’s right fellas—moisturizing isn’t just for the ladies. Cuts and grazes from shaving, sports or simply spending time in the great outdoors demand the anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and healing properties of a good moisturizer. Try VitaMan Paw Skin Repair Cream.
Available at: www.luxury4him.com, $33

Step #4: Show Me Your Teeth!
Dull teeth? Total turnoff ! Go white and bright without fuss using the latest
teeth whitening pen, Liquid Smile. Paint it on in less than a minute for
results in as little as two weeks.
Available through dental professionals only.

No Country For Old Men

Turns out really, really old men still have sex—and want more! That’s according to the results of an Australian study that looked at almost 2,800 men between the ages of 75 and 95. Almost one-third of the men surveyed reported having sex in the past year, and slightly less than half considered sex to be “at least somewhat important.”

The best way to keep your groove on? Take preventative steps now. According to study researcher Zoe Hyde, “If men want to remain sexually active as they age, the best thing they can do is get sufficient physical activity, eat a healthy and nutritious diet and stop smoking.”

If you’ve already lost your drive, chances are your testosterone is low. See an anti-aging doctor for a blood panel to see if hormone replacement therapy may be right for you.


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