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Teatox Time

By New You Editorial
Posted On Dec 02, 2020
Teatox Time

Teatox (tea detox), sips that cleanse and nourish the body from the inside out, have a multitude of  healthy benefits, are easy to incorporate into any diet, and don’t require skipping or replacing meals. But are they all they’re brewed up to be? Our expert Gabrielle Francis, naturopathic doctor and author of The Rockstar Remedy, reads the leaves. Happy brewing!

TeaMi Detox 30 Day Pack: Skinny Loose Leaf and Colon Cleanse tea bags ($50, teamiblends.com)

What It Does

Boosts metabolism

Tamps appetite and cravings

Burns stored fat

Flushes out harsh toxins

Key Ingredients

Oolong, ginger root, senna leaf, yerba mate

What the Expert Says

“The Skinny Tea increases metabolism and burns fat, as oolong and mate have caffeine. This tea may exacerbate hot flashes in menopausal women.”

“The Colon Cleanse tea is a strong laxative. Short-term use is safe. Cleans out the colon and adds fiber to the diet. Long-term use could weaken the colon.”

Sakara Detox Tea ($20, sakara.com)

What It Does

Soothes digestion

Calms adrenals and kidneys

Scrubs digestive tract of toxins

Aids in reducing stomach pain

Key Ingredients

Red rooibos, rose petals, linden flower

What the Expert Says

“The rose and rooibos are gentle blood cleansers and have lots of antioxidants. The Linden helps as a diuretic and digestive tonic. However, there is no way to see all herbs in the tea from the website.”

Kusmi BB Detox ($21, kusmitea.com)

What It Does

Eliminates excess fluid from the body

Improves skin’s appearance

Boosts toxin removal

Key Ingredients

Green tea, mate, guarana, grapefruit

What the Expert Says

“Grapefruit is great as a diuretic and for cellulite. Guarana can suppress appetite.”

“It is not good for pregnant woman, or if you suffer from anxiety and insomnia.”

The Republic of Tea Get Clean Stackable Tea Tin ($13.50, republicoftea.com

What It Does

Morning tea releases toxins

All-day tea stimulates liver to flush out toxins

PM tea helps digestion

Key Ingredients

AM: Cucumber, dandelion leaves, lemon verbena

All Day: Rooibos, milk thistle seeds, burdock roots

PM: Amla, schizandra berries, ginger root

What the Expert Says

“The AM tea is a blood purifier and helps the skin. It’s good for people with water retention and bloating.”

“The all-day tea is a liver detoxification and the PM tea helps digestion by working as a gentle laxative.”

Your Tea Tiny Tea 14-Day Teatox ($35, yourtea.com)

What It Does

Helps with digestive health and bloating

Removes toxins

Promotes skin health

Fights cellulite

Key Ingredients

Jue ming zi, he ye, shan zha

What the Expert Says

“This would be beneficial as a diuretic and has the potential to reduce cellulite. Should be accompanied by lots of water.”

“Should not be used by pregnant or breast-feeding women and is not gluten-free.”