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The city lifestyle: fabulous or hazardous to your health?

By Cameron Peek
Posted On Jun 02, 2017
The city lifestyle: fabulous or hazardous to your health?

The city lifestyle is one dripping in glamour and decadence, fast moving and over the top fabulous. At least that’s how it appears through Carrie Bradshaw’s tunnel vision. Growing up, I would watch the ball drop in Times Square on New Year’s Eve, completely convinced that the city lifestyle was a rich dream. I imagined the city was a magical place filled with beautiful people, good times and hustle and bustle that never ceased. The bright lights, voluptuous billboards, and constant chatter appeared as a utopia of sorts. This image was a figment of my imagination, and while the city life is incredible in its own right, it can also be very harmful.

Your skin is under constant attack in the city with exhaust fumes, smoke, dirt, and dust. Throughout the day pollution from the air will stick to your skin and be absorbed by the natural barrier. It leaves your skin feeling irritated, possibly itchy and uncomfortable. As the days go on, the damage builds up and over time the skin’s natural barrier is weakened. Once this occurs, the weak natural barrier can no longer fulfill its ultimate task of protecting you. This will leave your skin to feel more sensitive and damaged than you ever thought possible. In 2010 the Journal of Investigative Dermatology published a study which found that “ambient particulate matter” otherwise known as “all junk floating around in the air”, can affect skin aging. The study followed 400 women and took into account age, past sunburns and smoking history when testing. The researchers found that those exposed to more pollution developed more dark spots on their skin.

It’s plain and clear the damage that a city lifestyle presents, so how do you combat it? Normally there isn’t a magical formula or potion to solve all of life’s problems, but in this case, there is. PHYTOMER is a sophisticated skin care line that brings continued innovation and outstanding products to the market. They are one of the only spa brands with their own laboratory which allows them to research and cultivate their own ingredients, develop unique cosmetic formulas, manufacture skin care products and create cutting-edge professional treatments. They constantly have dedicated scientists working at the PHYTOMER R&D laboratory developing sophisticated products that get the job done. PHYTOMER has recently released, CITYLIFE, a product line that protects and repairs the skin from damage caused by urban pollution. It also helps fight dehydration, signs of fatigue, dark spots, and dull complexion.

NEW YOU caught up with Angela Eriksen-Stanley, Director of Education for Phytomer Group Brands to discuss Phytomer’s products, harmful effects of the city, and anti-aging.

NEW YOU: At what age should someone start using your products?

ANGELA ERIKSEN-STANLEY: You are never too young or old to take good care of your skin. Starting to take specific care of your skin in the pre-teens is ideal. A great first step, to begin with, is using a gentle cleanser to remove dirt and excess oils from the skin at the end of each day followed by a balancing moisturizer adapted to individual skin type. A morning cleanse and moisturizer application would also be beneficial (but not as critical as end of the day cleansing). As intrinsic and extrinsic aging occurs over the years, additional skin care steps can be added to boost hydration or maintain regeneration for an anti-aging effect, or adding in regular twice-weekly exfoliation to maintain a healthy glow.

PHYTOMER’s anti-pollution program is appropriate for someone from their 20’s to their 60’s or 70’s, depending on their skin type, skin condition, and lifestyle’s demands. For those that live in an urban environment or an area where industrial activity affects the air quality, protecting the skin from the damaging effects of pollution is critical for keeping the skin healthy and looking beautiful. Pollution can cause many types of damage including; dehydration, increased free radical formation leading to premature aging and cellular damage, increased toxicity within the skin, slower cell function (leading to various other skin malfunctions), lack of oxygenation and hyper-pigmentation to name a few. The products listed below are safe for all skin types and are excellent choices for those affected by pollution, wishing to protect their skin and infuse it with oxygen.The city lifestyle

NY: How do these products specifically combat harmful pollutants in major cities?

AES: PHYTOMER has been an expert in skin depollution for more than 20 years. More than 15 years ago, PHYTOMER discovered the powerful anti-pollution action of Armeria maritima, a seaside plant capable of capturing and cleaning up heavy metals from the air and soil and also a powerful, natural solution to filter and depollute contaminated water. PHYTOMER has isolated an extract of this flowering plant and infused it into our 1st new generation anti-pollution product: SOUFFLE MARIN Energizing Oxygenating Serum. This serum helps to put an anti-pollution veil on the skin to prevent airborne toxins from soaking into the skin. This serum also helps the cells to bring more oxygen in to boost cell function and natural detoxification processes. More recently, PHYTOMER launched another anti-pollution innovation with CITYLIFE Face and Eye Contour Sorbet Cream and CITYLIFE Anti-Pollution Skin Freshness Professional Facial Treatment.

NY: Can these products be used for other parts of the body?

AES: Although Phytomer face products can be used on the body, they are created and tested to be used specifically on the face, neck and décolleté. Phytomer does, however, have a sophisticated line of body products, designed to treat an array of needs. A great new body launch is Phytomer’s RESURFASLIM 2-in-1 Peel and Slim Cream. It’s a formula super-boosted in exfoliating and contouring ingredients. The “peel” effect comes from a trio of leading skin smoothing AHAs (glycolic, lactic and citric acids) combined with PHYTOMER’s emblematic marine AHA, extracted from the red algae, Porphyra-conchocelis. These peeling ingredients work together to instantly smooth and blur the appearance of cellulite while preparing the skin for better absorption of the product’s slimming ingredients. Pepper Slimactiv, a pure concentration of pink pepper oil, obtained by a 100% green process works as a fat burner, attacking stored fat by weakening its structure, contributing to the cream’s impressive “slim” action. Pepper Silmactiv has a contouring effect proven by PHYTOMER Laboratories to be more than eight times more powerful than caffeine. Global Marine Reshaper (GMR) is an exclusive PHYTOMER ingredient created via marine biotechnology that strengthens support tissues and minimizes the appearance of stretch marks.

See below for a brief overview of PHYTOMER’s anti-pollution collection and their star ingredients put to work.

SOUFFLE MARINE Cleansing Foaming Cream removes dirt and makeup from the surface of the skin and neutralizes pollutants below the skin’s surface thanks to seaside plant and algae extracts. All skin types especially dull, thick and sluggish become revitalized and oxygenated. Formulated with Armeria maritima and an anti-pollution marine sugar, the face is detoxified and protected against the most damaging pollutants, including heavy metals and cigarette smoke.

SOUFFLE MARINE Energizing Oxygenating Serum is a must-have for smokers, frequent travelers and those who live in urban areas. This serum puts an invisible shield of protective ingredients (seaside plant and algae extracts) on the skin to prevent damage and free radical formulation caused by green house gases, cigarette smoke, heavy metals, car exhaust etc. It boosts oxygenation and cellular energy in the skin for a revitalized complexion.

CITYLIFE Face and Eye Contour Sorbet Cream is a 2-in1 face and eye cream that protects and repairs skin from damage caused by urban pollution. It is formulated with a combination of three bio-tech derived marine sugars that create an active ingredient complex called CITYSAFE to depollute, oxygenate, hydrate, restore cell function and regulate pollution activated hyperpigmentation in the skin. CITYSAFE, along with blue and red algae and Phytomer’s patented seawater concentrate, Oligomer® reset skin, repairing damage caused by pollution, signs of fatigue, dark spots, and a dull complexion. CITYLIFE not only sweeps away toxic micro particles but provides an ultra moisturizing facial experience. The sorbet cream is enriched with phospholipids and oils to provide a light, fresh texture for all skin types.

The city might be where your soul feels most at home but that doesn’t mean your skin isn’t suffering the repercussions. Be conscious of how you treat your beautiful skin while you’re trying to live the Carrie Bradshaw life, but keep living as fabulously as possible.