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The No. 1 Problem With Men?

By Kevin Garrett
Posted On Nov 22, 2011

Words: James Broida

Men who can’t go the course for anti-aging therapy fail for one big reason: They can’t give up their bad dietary habits.

Men come to anti-aging and age-management specialists for a variety of problems: lack of energy, a declining libido and excessive weight gain. What they are given in the way of therapy is a mix of nutritional changes, exercise programs, supplements and hormone injections. If they follow their doctor’s instructions, they typically enjoy a renaissance of youthful physical and mental energy.

The problem, says age-management specialist Dr. Joseph Jacko of Dallas, TX, is that older male patients find it hard to change their ways when it comes to eating. “The hardest part for the vast majority of our patients is nutrition,” says Dr. Jacko. “We give them this book called “Change or Die.” And you’d think scaring them would work, but it doesn’t.”

Dr. Jacko says that beyond being stubborn, his male patients have a tough time avoiding the perils that come with fast food, eating while traveling, or eating out. “A lot of them come out of the gate strong, but then they get some improvement, they get content, and they get sloppy again,” he says.

What Dr. Jacko tries to teach his male patients is that they are not undergoing a diet but rather a new approach to nutrition. “It’s not something you go on and off, it’s a change in your way of life…. And very few people can really change their lives.”