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To Juice or To Blend?

By Julie Fink
Posted On Apr 04, 2016
To Juice or To Blend?

Everyone on the planet is either juicing or blending – or both – and for good reason! There are actually a bazillion reasons which include cancer prevention, healthy skin/nails/hair, harmonic energy levels, toxin busting and beyond. But what are the main differences between juicing and blending, you ask?

I found the easiest answer ever in Juice It! Blend It! by Lisa Craven who advocates that these delish sips are essential in helping to ‘transform your health one drink at a time!’

The MAIN difference is that juicing contains no fiber because the pulp is discarded. The juicer separates the liquid from the solid leaving you with a fresh, clean drink. This is easier to digest than a smoothie and it also allows for the vitamins and minerals to absorb into the body quicker.

Blending, on the other hand, is full of fiber, takes a little longer for the body to absorb the nutrients and has a thicker consistency. But because it is packed with fiber, minerals, proteins, and other amazing nutrients, it is considered a meal replacement.

Personally, here’s my thing…

Juicing article

I LOVE juicing because it absorbs quicker and I see an immediate turnaround. I saw a difference in my skin drinking green juice 5 days in a row! I actually did a double take in the mirror. (See my go-to juice recipe below).

The only thing I don’t like about juicing is it discards all the nutrients found in the pulp. Luckily, I found an awesome recipe that uses the pulp to make muffins!

Blending Article

I LOVE blending because I can use more than just fruits and vegetables. I can use nuts, almond milk, protein powders, cocoa nibs, chai seeds, flax seed oil, and many more items that will make me a smooth, creamy drink packed with nutritional power! Oh and bananas … you can’t juice bananas but you can blend them! Check out some of my fave springtime smoothie recipes.

So, I LOVE to juice and to blend. I get double my daily value in fruits and veggies as well as enzymes, vitamins, and minerals that are feeding my cells the best nutrients on the planet!

Here is my go-to juice recipe that I use three times a week:
($20 at the local farmers market)

Kale (half a bushel or about 3 to 4 leaves) > cancer fighting super green
1 apple > vitamin packed
5 carrots > this is for the hair/skin/nails
Half a cucumber > extra hydration
A quarter of a beet > this is your toxin buster (supports liver and contains anti-inflammatory properties)

TIP: Always use organic fruits and vegetables!

ANOTHER TIP: I use the NutriBullet ($80 @ Target) and the Bella Kitchen Juicer ($60 @ Target).

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