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What’s Really Causing Your Acne

By Tiffany Thomas
Posted On Jun 15, 2016
What’s Really Causing Your Acne

I remember a time when my acne completely controlled my life. Looking in the mirror was a harsh reality I had to face each day, and walking with my head down simply became a way of life for me.

I get it, it’s tough. The constant breakouts followed by the scars that won’t seem to disappear can be a major pain. Luckily, I discovered the path to clear skin, and you can too. But let’s clear something up first – the truth is, there’s no amount of foundation or makeup that can uncover the deep-rooted reason for your acne.

The cure to your acne isn’t on your vanity, but it begins with a change of lifestyle. So you may want to rethink buying that chocolate bar on your way out of Target, or engaging in numerous phone conversations without cleaning your phone.

These are some of the things that are causing your acne that you probably had no clue about:

  • Dirty makeup brushes

Ok, so maybe this one is a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised at how many people go weeks without cleaning their makeup brushes or sponges. I mean, I’m guilty too. We use the excuse of “not having enough time” to clean them, but do you really have enough time for acne? I didn’t think so. Try cleaning your brushes at least once a week to avoid transferring all that bacteria from that dirty brush to your pretty little face.

  • It’s in your Genes

Sorry to break it to you, but statistics have proven that over 80% of acne can be attributed to genetics as opposed to environmental factors. Does your mom have ance and your brother have bacne? (acne on someone’s back) Bingo. You can file this in your “I blame you” cabinet.

  • You’re picking your face

That love bump on your forehead doesn’t appreciate your nagging hand. That goes for blackheads and whiteheads too. Just leave them alone. Picking at your skin only spreads more germs and bacteria, which increases the chances of scarring and more breakouts. As tempting as it is to squeeze the life out of that pimple, let it run its course. It will eventually disappear. On the other hand, if you have a big date or event to attend the next day, try a spot treatment. I swear by this one!

  • Lack of Sleep

Yet another reason to get more sleep. If you’re under the impression that your acne is getting worse overnight, you’re probably on to something. It turns out that because lack of sleep is usually caused by stress or leads to stress, this can enhance your breakouts. You should always strive for the recommended eight hours of sleep each night. Netflix can wait until the next day.

  • You travel frequently

You’re racking up those frequent-flier miles, but it’s not without a price. Airplanes can be very dry, which causes your skin to produce more oil – one of the leading causes of acne to begin with. If you’re the queen of carry-on’s and weekend getaways, don’t forget to pack a moisturizer with you every time you fly. Also, the change in climate, water, and temperature on your different vacations could also be causing your skin to freak out.

  • You’re not doing enough laundry

I hate to bring you back to your younger years when your mom wouldn’t stop telling you to clean your room, but really, when is the last time you changed your sheets? There can be so much bacteria found in your sheets that you always have to be on top of your laundry game. Change your pillowcases, towels, and sheets twice a week to avoid bacteria getting onto your skin.

  • You’re a product junkie

You’ve pretty much tried every product that claims to help acne and you’ve seen no results, but that’s the problems. You’re doing too much. Too many products can clog your pores and cause a bigger mess than before you even started. Find one regimen that works for you based on your skin type and stick to it. Don’t give up after a month because acne is a deep rooted issue that will not be cured overnight. If a product promises to get rid of your acne in a hurry, don’t waste your time. Spend time on your skin to see the best results.

  • Your diet is a mess

You are what you eat couldn’t be any more true. Changing your diet will always lead to better skin. Eliminate as much dairy, caffeine, and sugar as you can to see clearer skin. There are tons of food that have been said to give you clear, radiant, and glowing skin. Choose water over soda, almond milk over cow’s milk, and gluten-free desserts as opposed to a box of Krispy Kreme. Eat better consistently for at least a month and you’ll see a change, I promise. Been there, done that.

How did you get rid of your acne? Share your secrets!

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