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Why We’re Eating Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner In A Bowl

By Sydney Cook
Posted On May 10, 2016
Why We’re Eating Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner In A Bowl


It all started with ridiculously photogenic smoothie bowls, and the rest is history savory.

The breakfast stars that once populated our Instagram feeds every morning range from the classic acai bowl to blended greens with superfoods and protein boosters. But now, bowls have set out to claim the savory stake by making appearances on many healthy restaurants’ lunch and dinner menus. While spreading its trendy wings, savory bowls go by the name of grain bowls, macro bowls, veggie bowls, poke (sushi-style) bowls, and beyond.

It’s hard to keep up with all of the cosmopolitan trends that bombard our plates. Take green juices (which are still popular today) for example, and remember the first time you came across a super tiny cupcake?

Now it’s all about healthy, hearty bowls filled with whole grains, veggies, proteins, and flavorful toppings. Before you ask – no, this is not just a salad. Salads have been around for ages and have never been trendy.

But when it comes to power bowls, it’s more than just a fitness model with thousands of followers sharing an aesthetically pleasing image on Instagram. Portion control is the true director boosting this bowl trend. The perfect proportionate macrobiotic meal focuses on balancing ourselves. Start with 20-40 percent whole grain, 40-60 percent vegetables, and 5-10 percent beans or soy protein. Top off with a chopped meat of your preference.

Well and Good
Well and Good

Whether you’re a chic, health-conscious New Yorker or a soul food fanatic, preparing meals in the round, open-top container in perfect portions is the healthy, casual way Americans are eating today.

Bowl-centric dining and its Instagram-friendly perks are here to stay!


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