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Workaholism: Are You Addicted to Work?!

By Lauren Ford
Posted On Jun 14, 2016
Workaholism: Are You Addicted to Work?!

“Work, work, work, work, work, work,” if the Rihanna song “Work” reminds you of your life, you may be classified as a workaholic. Just like the song’s chorus, your life is mostly consumed with work, and if it isn’t, you aren’t really sure what is going on.

What is a workaholic? A workaholic is someone who compulsively works hard for long hours to cope with emotional discomfort and feelings of inadequacy.

If you’re a workaholic, your troubles may span far beyond spending too much time at work. A new study was conducted by the University of Bergen in Norway that tied workaholism to psychiatric symptoms, such as ADHD, OCD, anxiety, and depression. The researchers surveyed nearly 16,500 working adults, at an average age of 37; 6,000 were men and 10,500 were women.

The study found the following:

  • 33% of workaholics met ADHD criteria, compared to 13% of non-workaholics
  • 26% of workaholics met OCD criteria, compared to 9% of non-workaholics
  • 34% of workaholics met anxiety criteria, compared to 12% of non-workaholics
  • 9% of workaholics met depression criteria, compared to 3% of non-workaholics

Researcher and clinical psychologist specialist at the University of Bergen said, “Taking work to the extreme may be a sign of deeper psychological or emotional issues.”

Here are five signs to you might be a workaholic:

  • You work longer than your colleagues
  • You can’t turn work off – even when involved in non-work related activities
  • Your health has been negatively influenced
  • Your relationships have been strained
  • You tie your worth to your work success

So, if you find yourself like Jennifer Lopez in the scene of Wedding Planner, where you’re warming up TV dinners every night alone, with no life on the horizon, then I think it’s time you seek out some help.