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Calvin Harris ‘Blindsided’ and ‘Hurt’ by Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston

By Samantha Boden
Posted On Jun 17, 2016

The tables have turned for Calvin Harris when it comes to his perspective on ex-girlfriend, Taylor Swift. Now that it’s revealed that she’s moved on with Tom Hiddleston, Calvin is reportedly blindsided and now he assumes she was cheating on him when they were still together. According to E! News, “Calvin was completely faithful to Taylor. He never looked in another direction. He is hurt.” Thankfully his residency in Vegas is helping him keep his mind busy. E! News also reports, “He is keeping a low profile and focusing on his music and the shows he is doing. He is not seeing anyone and is not rebounding. He just really wants to be alone. He’s still processing everything and is angry. He’s never heard of this Tom guy, but if that’s her type, then so be it.” Taylor’s team is insisting that she wasn’t unfaithful, but Calvin has his doubts and feels betrayed.