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Kim Kardashian is Donating 10% of eBay Auction Sales to Charity

By Samantha Boden
Posted On Mar 29, 2016

Kim Kardashian is in the giving mood and she’s cleaning out her closet to prove it. The NY Post is reporting that the reality star is selling 240 items on eBay. She’s donating the money to the church run by the pastor who married her and Kanye. Some of the items up for grabs are designer bags, stiletto heels, and a monogram chinchilla coat that sold for just over four grand. Rumor has it though, that she’s only giving 10 percent of the proceeds, the eBay minimum, even though she’s worth $230 million. So you can see why she’s taking heat. Back in November 2013, she received some backlash when she had another eBay auction to raise money for the victims of the deadly typhoon in the Philippines. She only gave 10 percent of those sales too. She should make an easy six figures off the sales this time around. So say what you want, but 10 percent of 100 is a whole lot better than 100 percent of nothing.