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10 Reasons You Should Stop Holding Grudges

By Dontaira Terrell
Posted On May 25, 2016
10 Reasons You Should Stop Holding Grudges

We know it is extremely difficult and easier said than done but breaking away from grudges can benefit you in more ways than one. If you don’t believe us, read on to learn some valuable points as to why it’s best to let go and keep it movin’.  After all, life is too short to be anything but happy!

Time for Change – If someone has hurt you or treated you unfair holding a grudge may seem like the reasonable thing to do. Unfortunately, the inability to let go causes us more self-inflicted pain than anything else. It takes an emotional toll on our mental and emotional psyche by forcing us to hold onto the past instead of fully involving ourselves in the present moment.

Waste of Energy Wouldn’t you agree holding onto the negativity literally sucks the life right out of you?  It isn’t until you truly let go that you realize nursing a grudge instead of focusing on becoming a better Y-O-U wasn’t worth the wasted energy.

Break Free– Grudges are not your friend, and they are not helpful in any way. If anything, it hurts you more than the person who you can’t seem to forgive.  As a personal benefit to yourself, it’s best to sever ties with the resentment, emotional baggage, and unwanted stress of holding onto the built up animosity.

Photo Credit: Shutter Stock
Photo Credit: Shutter Stock

Brand New Me– Guess what, if you truly want to separate yourself from the person then holding onto the grudge you have against them keeps the two of you emotionally tied together. Isn’t that enough motivation to help you kick your internal anger to the curb?

Exhaustion- Grudges are mentally and emotionally tiring on the body. The only resolution is to let the past be the past by freeing yourself from all of the drama.

Live in the Moment- Don’t you despise the thought of someone who has hurt you in any regard to have continuous access into your everyday life? It’s not fair to you to miss out on the good fortune, abundance of blessings, and endless possibilities awaiting you because you’re stuck in a negative state of mind.

Better Person- Pride yourself on the ability to forgive by being the bigger and better person. Ultimately it speaks volumes to your internal strength and character because you’ve allowed the unfortunate situation to lift you higher instead of tear you down.

Bring You Peace- Living in resentment not only steals your joy, it steals your piece of mind. Fortunately, letting go will help create the mental space needed to move forward with a clear mind and open heart.

Lesson Learned- Sometimes certain situations occur, or people are brought into our lives for the sole purpose of teaching us a valuable life lesson. Our job is to take it for what it is, accept what has happened, and be mindful of the lesson. 

Liberating- Releasing the pent-up emotion breathes a new life into your personal space. Consider it a gift to yourself when you’re finally able to live freely, happily, and more peacefully than ever before.