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3 Home Trends That Have Outlasted The Pandemic

By New You Editorial
Posted On Jul 13, 2021
3 Home Trends That Have Outlasted The Pandemic

When COVID-19 hit, and shutdown orders were put in place, the home became central station for everything in our lives. Work, school, entertainment, and more were now all taking place in our residential confines. So, not surprisingly, people started to engage in a lot more home-focused activities. Baking grew in popularity as well as crafting. But, as life slowly returns to normal, we’re not giving up the joys of making our homes a more personal, functional, and stylish place. Here are three home trends that are outlasting the pandemic.  

Getting Organized 

During that year, stuck in the house, many people used the time to get organized finally. And there were several reasons for this. Boredom and lack of outside activities finally allowed for people to have the time to go through those dusty boxes in the basement. The kitchen was now stocked with more food than ever, so a tidy pantry was a must. Plus, decluttering was a mental boost as it gave people a sense of control and productivity in an otherwise crazy world. The Netflix show “Get Organized with The Home Edit” was a hit, and now that everyone has experienced life with less mess, they don’t want to go back. Getting organized will continue to be a priority long after all pandemic restrictions are lifted because we’ve learned it makes life easier and helps manage stress. 


Home sewing saw a rise during stay-at-home as people pulled out their old sewing machines to sew masks. Then they kept sewing as a good hobby to pass the time. Well, that newfound skill or pastime isn’t going anywhere. “We’re seeing more young people picking up quilting because they want to decorate their apartments with unique quilts they make themselves,” said Ivete Tecedor, co-founder of Gotham Quilts, the only quilt store in Manhattan. “Just like home remodeling has seen a surge during the pandemic, home decorating via crafting for the home is seeing an increase, too.”  

Quilting is an opportunity to have a unique piece of home decor in the home, and it boasts several wellness benefits. It’s not only a relaxing and soothing hobby but being surrounded by gorgeous colors and textures is uplifting. Plus, making something with your own hands is calming and gives a sense of satisfaction. A 2018 study even suggested that crafting is calming, may promote successful aging, and even has long-term social and cultural benefits. So, this is one trend that is sew here to stay.  

Reimagining Spaces 

Who knew you’d need a dedicated Zoom room? Well, the pandemic proved that having a quiet nook to take work video calls is a must. And since many Americans will stay fully remote or follow a hybrid model moving forward, that space will continue to play a major role. That’s means ensuring it’s stylish, comfortable, and inspiring. But, of course, the home office isn’t the only spot in the house that’s gotten more love lately. Outdoor patios and backyards became a major source of entertainment during the pandemic, causing people to find a newfound appreciation for them. Those spaces went from lawn chair storage to a full-blown oasis with gardens, firepits, and more. Moving forward, that extra attention to these previously overlooked spaces will stay as people have learned ways to maximize all the areas of their homes. Think updated office artwork as travel resumes and new floor cushions for an outdoor reading nook.