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4 hobbies perfect for retirees

By Alvaro Martinez
Posted On Sep 17, 2018
4 hobbies perfect for retirees

Upon retirement, many people wonder what to do with all their new free time. After being busy with a career, it’s important to spend your retirement making the most of your time and enjoying it.

Hobbies are known to help cope with stress, establish new social connections, and improve one’s moods. That’s why it’s greatly recommended for retirees to pick up a hobby for its positive benefits. Below, we’ve listed 4 great hobbies you can pick up to enrich your time during your retirement years.



Dedicating your time to volunteering is a fantastic way to enrich your life and the lives of others. Whether it’s at an animal shelter or being a mentor for young adults or working with the homeless, it’s good for the soul and it places you in a social environment. Volunteering can also serve as a way to set a routine and demand a sense of responsibility from you, keeping you busy and focused. By volunteering, you’ll also be placed in an environment where you’d be learning something new about that field, sharpen your patience skills, and overall give you a new sense of compassion and appreciation of life.


The Great Outdoors

You can find an endless amount of options for hobbies by just stepping outside! Gardening is a great hobby since it’s a form of exercise and you can grow your own vegetables and spices right in your own home, leading you to eat healthier. Another option that is a great way to stay healthy is hiking/walking. While hiking a mountain might not be the best recommendation, a walk through nature or an easy hike is a great way to stay fit and a way to get some fresh air. Invite a friend or two and it’s a fantastic socializing option.


Part-Time Job

Although this might be an unexpected suggestion, having a small part-time job is a popular choice. By having a part-time job, not only will it provide a little extra income, but it gives you the opportunity to socialize and a sense of structure in your routine by giving you a place to go every day. Find something that works best for you and if you need insurance, look for part-time jobs that provide benefits.


Taking a course

Don’t fall into the idea that learning is only for young people since it’s never too late. Older learners bring more focus and a genuine commitment to learning compared to younger learners. Whether you want to pick up a new language or go back to school, studying will keep you occupied while being disciplined and working towards a greater beneficial goal. Other options include picking up an instrument or joining a choir since they are social activities and sharpen your focus, overall increasing the capacity of your memory and enhances your coordination.