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Camping, Not Camping

By Julie Fink
Posted On May 25, 2016
Camping, Not Camping

So you’re not the country, outdoorsy type chic. You are bothered by bugs, tents, dirt, and anything that’ll crash your comfort zone.

It’s totally cool that you value your girly ways, which don’t include ants in your pants or drip drying behind a tree. But the idea of camping is glorious. You love the beauty of nature, the relaxation of the outdoors, and the campfire companionship including s’mores, a guitar, and your rustic booze of choice.

You can have your own woodland adventure within the comfort of your own backyard. Here are a few ways to bring the great outdoors a little closer:

Backyard Campfire

Campfire and smores

Tell the boys to take hike while the girls grab (a few) bottles of your favorite wine, some Pinterest-worthy s’more kits, and a forty-dollar fire ring from Target for an unforgettable backyard campfire. It’s the perfect time to blow off some steam from life, sport your latest comfy-cute outfits, and get a little drunk. Top it off with some good music, and that my friends, is a backyard campfire of champions.

Outdoor Picnic

Pretty Picnics

Of similar note, a short trip to a local nature spot is always a good choice. This uber romantic outing can be just the touch of nature you need to rekindle your spark and enjoy the outdoors all at once. Whether you fancy it up or go low-key, an outdoor picnic is always a winner in my book.

Trail Running

Trail running pic

Skip the soul cycle sesh and hit the mountain… nature awaits you! In addition to the breathtaking scenery, trail running has a few benefits like the inclines and calorie burning you won’t get on a stationary bicycle or treadmill. The fresh air, tranquility, and gleams of sun shown through the boundless trees, in it of itself, is worth the extra mile to nature.

Indoor Tent/Fort


For a bug-free camping experience, you can always build an indoor tent. Pull out all the stops with this magical fortress; there is no limit to your abilities with this one. It’s a good change to the same old tent in the back yard routine plus it’s comfortable and super cute! All you need are some pretty sheets, lots of Christmas lights, tons of fluffy pillows and a little imagination.

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