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The Definitive Guide to Swimwear for your body type

By New You Editorial
Posted On Jun 22, 2017
The Definitive Guide to Swimwear for your body type

By Sharon Feiereisen

This summer, bypass the body angst and beeline straight for the swimsuits that suit your body type – and yes, the one-piece can be sexy!No more testing the waters. The key to the perfect swimsuit is to be cognizant of your overall shape and to focus on what you’re trying to accentuate (and camouflage). As a rule, bright colors and prints, frilly embellishments, drape, and volume all draw attention to particular areas, while dark, solid colors are the best cover-ups. Here’s to breezing through the next swimwear for your body type shopping trip and get to beach frolicking tout de suit.

PEAR SHAPE – “For pear shapes, draw the eyes up,” explains L*Space founder and designer Monica Wise. Go for an eyecatching bikini top with a unique print or style (think cut-outs, bandeau, or something with volume or frills). Try something that is low cut or accentuates cleavage, and pair with a more modest, basic bottom that flatters and creates balance. Avoid anything highcut as this will draw attention to the hiparea. Wise suggests black and other darker shades for pear-shaped women. When it comes to accessories, “cover-ups that flare and fall away from the body without adding volume look best,” says Wildfox swim and intimates designer, Aurora Rivera.

APPLE SHAPE – If you’re apple shaped, the one-piece will be your sartorial best friend. “A one-piece which has a beautiful print on it, something that fits the body well and makes the wearer feel comfortable and feminine should be the go-to for an apple- shaped body,” say We Are Handsome designers Katinka and Jeremy Somers. If you’re averse to a one-piece look, side ruching on a two-piece bottom is a silhouette that works for hiding a fuller tummy while still maintaining the look of feminine curves. “It’s actually a great optical illusion created in some of our highwaist bottoms,” says Wise. No matter what you opt for, however, make sure to avoid anything that’s cut across the chest (think straight neck lines), as it draws focus to the width of the body. Pair this look with a low neckline cover-up.

BOYISH SHAPE – Swimwear—believe it or not—allows straight figures to play up curves. The key: Opt for the right frills and embellishments. “Monokinis with beauty shapers extreme side scoops and cut-outs give the illusion of curves,” says Rivera, who suggests staying away from conservative onepieces that give no dimension or shape. Adjustable wrap tops, which pull together cleavage, paired with a skimpier, hipster-cut brief will also give the impression of va-vavoom curves. “They draw attention away from the waist, toward the cleavage,” says Wise. For cover-ups, look for rompers that give volume at the bust and hips and accent the waist.

HOURGLASS SHAPE – An hourglass shape tends to be easiest to dress. “This shape looks great with anything from a fun, barely there bikini to a beautiful onepiece,” say Katinka and Jeremy Somers. If you’re going for a season-less look, however, Rivera suggests a sexy, more supportive top paired with a moderatecoverage bottom and sticking with darker shades. Another option: retro styles. “These styles highlight the upper and lower proportions, drawing attention to the waist,” says Wise.