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Why hammocks are good for the soul

By Cameron Peek
Posted On Jul 22, 2019
Why hammocks are good for the soul

Happy National Hammock Day! It’s true, there really is a holiday for everything. Since we can’t be outside lounging in our hammocks, we decided to write about why hammocks are good for the soul. Honestly, why wouldn’t they be?

Reduce Stress

Unfortunately, stress is┬ásomething we all have to deal with as humans. Life gets hard, work and school can get busy and sometimes it feels like your whole world is spinning. It’s been proven that “hammocking” lessens stress levels through the gentle swaying motion and relaxation they provide. Obviously, hammocks won’t solve all of life’s problems, but they are a nice bandaid for a tough day.

Improve Blood Circulation

When you’re lying in a hammock, your upper body stays slightly elevated. This slight elevation allows for better blood circulation to your head, which can reduce toxin build up in your body and improve blood pressure.

Improve Your Focus

That swaying motion we already discussed actually improves your focus too! The swaying triggers the prefrontal cortex of the brain, which applies focus to your overall mental state. If you’re having a hard time staying focused on a project or school assignment, try a hammock next time. Take a quick 10-minute break to sway and see how you’re able to re-focus!


Happy Hammocking!