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Hottest Summer Reading List

By Melissa Gutierrez
Posted On May 27, 2016
Hottest Summer Reading List

This summer’s forecast shows a 100% chance of sunbathing, 90% chance of freshly brewed iced coffee lattes, and an endless possibility of good summer reads.

Whether you plan on reading on the beach or escaping the summer heat in your favorite hipster coffee shop, New You has you covered with this summer’s hottest reading list.

Relentless by Tim S. Grover and Shari Lesser Wenk

 This book is a “go-getter” masterpiece written by the man, Tim Grover, who trained the legendary likes of Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant. Even the girly girl types can appreciate this book because this book is all about motivation, discipline, and pushing your boundaries to achieve the unimaginable.


The Five Love Languages by Gary D. Chapman

Delve into the realm of personal growth and romance with this eye-opening book about love, relationships, and commitment. Chapman outlines five ways, hence five love languages, to express and experience love. Each of us has a chosen love language that makes us feel the most loved and a love language we express our love with.

5 Love Languages

Here Comes the Sun by Nicole Dennis-Benn

Capturing the vibrant tropical life of Jamaican life and dialect, Nicole Dennis-Benn pushes past the surface and captures the real-life circumstances of the local Jamaicans. Look past the pristine beaches of Montego Bay and the colorful barter markets to see this beautiful island from a different perspective. Not your typical tropical read.

Here Comes the Sun

The Girls by Emma Cline

This is a powerful coming-of-age story portraying the life of teenager Evie Boyd, who is mesmerized by the freedom and dangerous aura of abandon of a group of girls she sees at a park. But, the grass isn’t always greener on the other side. Emma Cline’s novel is a stunning and spellbinding novel to haunt summer’s warm nights.

The Girls Book


Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert T. Kiyosaki

This book is a revolutionary read to achieve your financial goals. Robert Kiyosaki successfully draws from his personal experiences and teaches us a thing or two about hard work, perseverance, financial success, and looking at money in a different way – “don’t work for money; make it work for you.” Yasss.

Rich Dad Poor Dad

Happy reading!

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