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Joy Bauer Daily Food Diet

By New You Editorial
Posted On Apr 15, 2019
Joy Bauer Daily Food Diet

Peak performance Food bestselling authors—fitness and nutrition guru Harley Pasternak and TODAY Show nutrition and health expert Joy Bauer—are what they eat: healthy and smart.


Harley Pasternak Author, The Body Reset Diet.

I’ve always believed in grazing over gorging, making sure I eat five times a day—three meals and two snacks—with five components present at each meal: lean protein, a healthy carb, fiber, healthy fats, and a calorie-free beverage. I am, however, a self-confessed French fry addict and truly value my two “free” meals a week when I let myself indulge. I’ve found many helpful eating tips by studying world cultures that stay lean and live long. I try to have five different colors represented at each meal (Japan); I stop eating when I’m 70% full (Sweden), and I choose smaller portions (France).


White Smoothie

• Raw almonds

• Red apple, with skin

• Banana, frozen and chopped

• Nonfat plain Greek yogurt

• Nonfat milk

• Ground cinnamon

I start my day with a smoothie. Studies find that using a blender increases bioavailability of nutrients, which was the inspiration for my book, The Body Reset Diet. Greek yogurt is full of protein (casein and whey), calcium, and vitamin D. Almonds and cinnamon regulate blood sugar and aid in brain function, while apple and banana actively promote digestive heath.


5 Factor Pizza

• Whole wheat tortilla

• Tomato sauce/ Roma tomatoes

• Low-fat mozzarella cheese

• Fresh basil, chopped

• Low-fat turkey or veggie pepperoni

My 5 Factor recipe maintains the “holy trinity” of pizza—crunchy crust, gooey cheese, and tangy tomato—without the fat and high-calorie hangover. Tomatoes are an amazing source of the antioxidant lycopene as well as vitamins A and C, boosting skin and immunity. The cheese packs a punch of calcium and vitamin D.


Shrimp Stir Fry with Quinoa

• Shrimp

• Quinoa

• Broccoli

• Low sodium soy sauce

Peruvian super-grain quinoa is full of magnesium (strong bones and teeth), iron (big energy), protein (metabolism), and fiber (digestion). This healthy take on Chinese food is easy to make and yet another delicious way to get veggies onto my plate. The shrimp is high in an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory called astaxanthin and is a fantastic way to work seafood into your diet while steering clear of harmful mercury.


• Carrots

• Celery

• Hummus (non-fat or low-fat)

• Shakelee Crisps

Because I have a liquid breakfast, I crave crunch at snack time. Carrots and celery fill me up with fiber and are a perfect complement to hummus. Chickpeas (or garbanzo beans) are a near-perfect food—high in protein, fiber, and healthy fat. This combo keeps you full and revs up your metabolism. Shaklee Sea Salt Crisps are also a great go-to snack in the afternoon, as they have fiber, protein, and are only 100 calories per bag.


Joy Bauer Nutrition & Health Expert, The TODAY Show

My overall food philosophy is: “Life is hard, food should be easy.” My goal is to make healthy eating simple, manageable, delicious, and affordable. I believe in a “90-10” food strategy, meaning 90% healthy and 10% fun. For breakfast and lunch, I’m pretty consistent. For dinner, anything goes. A few nights a week, I’m good for a glass of red wine, a bowl of ice cream, or some dark chocolate (which I love straight out of the freezer). There are times—holidays and special occasions—when I let myself completely enjoy a meal without worrying about calories, fat, or sugar. I just make sure to hit the gym the next morning and eat super-clean for the next few days.


• Black coffee

• Nonfat plain Greek yogurt

• Banana

Black coffee is my morning religion. I wake up craving an aromatic cup of Joe without added milk and sugar. High-protein Greek yogurt gives me fuel to power through busy mornings. Sometimes I’ll doctor it up with a dollop of pumpkin puree and a dash of vanilla extract or teaspoon of maple syrup and sprinkle of cinnamon. That makes it feel like pumpkin pudding. A potassium-packed banana is an easy way to add natural sweetness to the tart Greek yogurt.


Salad with the works

Mixed greens


Red bell peppers




Grilled Chicken or Tofu

Balsamic vinegar

Olive oil

I love salads, and this variety of colorful veggies is loaded with vital vitamins, minerals, fiber, and antioxidants. I make my own Balsamic vinaigrette with vinegar, water, olive oil, mustard, honey, and garlic. The heart-healthy fats in olive oil enable my body to absorb the immune boosting beta-carotene found in green and orange veggies, while balsamic vinegar works hard to normalize blood sugar and prevent sugar spikes from the meal. Great protein from the chicken or tofu keeps me going for a strong afternoon.


• Turkey burger

• Oven roasted sweet potato fries

• Sugar snap peas or green beans

• Fro-yo or ice cream

For dinner, there’s always a lean protein and a vegetable. I use lean ground turkey meat and mix in spinach for antioxidants. Spinach has lutein and zeaxanthin to promote sharp vision. What’s a burger without fries? I go for sweet potato, for a dose of beta-carotene—great for skin—and bake mine to keep fat and calories down. On occasion, I’ll have frozen yogurt or ice cream. That’s the 10% fun part!


• Pistachios or almonds

• Sunflower seeds

• Dark chocolate

Nuts are a perfect grab and- go snack, packed with heart-healthy monounsaturated fats, which can help lower cholesterol. They’re a great source of vitamin E, an antioxidant that helps keep skin looking beautiful. Dark chocolate is loaded with flavanols, shown to boost brainpower and keep blood vessels healthy and elastic.