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By Ruchel Louis Coetzee
Posted On Nov 15, 2017

Move over Gen X moms, Millennial moms are owning that space today and like every generation of mothers, they have their own unique way of child rearing. From dominating the Instagram scene to encouraging their little ones to approach their world in a different way, there is no doubt that these moms are determined to create some very curious and individual kids.

So how influential are they and what makes Millennial moms different? According to the National Center for Health Statistics, Millennial women (those born from 1981 to 1997) accounted for about eight-in-ten (82%) of U.S. births in 2015 and growing. At the same time, Millennial moms, in particular, were more likely than other moms (or dads) to say that they are doing a good job as a parent: 57% say as much, compared with 48% of Gen X moms and 41% of Boomer moms. So, not only are they clearly dominating the birth rate, these young moms have a very modern and somewhat confident approach to motherhood.

Another distinguishing trait of these moms is that they are also tech savvy and value positive parenting over authoritarian parenting. If a toddler throws a temper tantrum in a supermarket aisle, the Millennial mom is more likely to defer to a calm, yet stern explanation of why that kind of behavior is not acceptable in a supermarket. She will be less likely to resort to shouting, spanking, or simply marching the toddler out of the store in a temper.

Safety is also a big issue for Millennial moms. You won’t find many complaints when it comes to putting seatbelts on in a car today. And, although Boomers started the “helicopter parent” phenomenon, Millennial Moms are shunning “overscheduling” in favor of more unstructured time. When it comes to social media, Millennial moms have that down to a science. Scroll through any Millennial mom’s Instagram feed and you will notice that these moms place a high value on togetherness – mom and child rollerblading, posing with Elmo, hiking, cooking, or simply posing in an outfit with a mini-me version.

Then there is the holy grail for any mom – shopping! When it comes down to it, Millennial moms are more pragmatic – they buy more according to price rather than quality. “Millennials are often inaccurately portrayed through a prism of youth and all the character traits that go along with it – narcissism, rebellion, and entitlement to name a few,” said Jeff From, EVP, Barkley (barkleyus.com) and co-author of the book, Marketing to Millennials: Reach the Largest and Most Influential Generation of Consumers Ever. “A large portion of Millennials have grown up. By overlooking the fact that many Millennials are now parents, brands could miss changes in behavior and consumption that directly impact their bottom line.” So what brands do Millennial moms favor? According to Barkley’s two-part Millennials as New Parents study that first analyzed research records of 10,800,000 Millennials with children and secondly, undertook a one-to-one survey of 1,000 American adults aged 25 to 34 with children living with them, the top three brands were Nike, Target, and Apple. That same study found that, with a growing number of two working parent households, a work-life balance was important. Yet, as busy as they are, research shows that Millennial moms will spend more time with their children than moms in the 1950’s.

These are just a few trends shaping life for Millennial moms today. What the future holds – only time will tell. All we can be assured of is that our environment will gain some attention, organic food will become the norm, and children will have more unstructured time to play.