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By Ruchel Louis Coetzee
Posted On Dec 01, 2016

We are in love with this fabulously clever gym bag! Called the “Birdie,” this bag launched earlier this month and is the second collection for the classic-inspired handbag brand JEMMA by Joanna Lau.

“Birdie” has a separate compartment for every conceivable item you wish to take to both work and the gym. Best of all, it is stylish enough for a downtown walk with chic confidence. We love the separate compartment for shoes – just what the health doctor ordered. Washable drawstring laundry bag and cosmetics bag are also included in case you were wondering where to put those. The stylish, functional work-gym bag retails at $198, is made with soft Italian nylon, and comes in a variety of colors (oh, and the lovely Katherine Schwarzenegger happens to be a fan of the bag, too!). Rumor is mom Maria Shriver will be gifting these to family and friends this holiday season.

Take a look at the video to get the full picture of this Mary Poppins bag – https://vimeo.com/189795830 and you, too, will want to fly away with one. We also caught up with Joanne to learn more.

What was your inspiration for the bag?

I was inspired to create the BIRDIE because, being an active person myself, I wanted a bag that I could take to both work and the gym. It was important for me to look like I was carrying an elegant handbag and not a duffel, especially since I wanted to look the stylish part for my post-work activities or overnight trips. The BIRDIE, which I named after a classic golf term stemming from my love for playing the sport, allows women to easily go from work to workout (or vice versa) with its special and hidden compartment to comfortably store clothes and shoes, a cosmetics case, and dedicated pockets for a water bottle and more everyday essentials.666_ny_celeb-web-post_bag-2-1140x650

Love that you found a place for shoes that is separate to the rest of the bag – does it hold any size shoe?

Yes it does! We even tested it with men’s shoes and it fits! With BIRDIE, we’ve included a washable drawstring bag that serves to store laundry or shoes, which can then be placed in the hidden compartment underneath the bag. Some customers have even used the shoe compartment to put their used clothes, keeping it separate from their items in the central compartment.

Are you planning a version for men?

I have actually had men purchase the BIRDIE bag for personal use, since the design and color options are classic and unisex!

Will it show wear and tear if washed – what is the best way to clean the bag?

The interior and exterior of the bag are made of the highest quality Italian nylon. To clean the bag, we suggest simply using a slightly damp cloth to wipe the nylon.

What are you planning next?

If [it] touches the working woman, whether it’s handbags, clothes, or whatever it may be, it’s something we’re interested in, working on, and potentially developing. Stay tuned!