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RHOD’s Stephanie Hollman’s craft idea for Valentine’s

By New You Editorial
Posted On Feb 05, 2021
RHOD’s Stephanie Hollman’s craft idea for Valentine’s

The Real Housewife of Dallas, Stephanie Hollman, with a message for Valentines and an adorable craft idea to do with children.

My Little Robot Lovers

One of the many blessings of having two little boys, Chance (7) and Cruz (5), is getting to share holiday memories with them. When you become a mom, Valentine’s Day becomes less about being stressed about what dress you are going to wear for dinner that night, and getting the best reservation at the best restaurant in town; it becomes more about making sure your little loved one has the best darn valentines mailbox in school, picking out candies for them to bring their friends, and reminding them that you will always be the first lady in their life that loved them.

I absolutely love spending time with my boys on Friday, after school, doing crafts to break up our normal homework, then basketball practice, then dinner, then bed routine. I get to see their little minds work and creativity flow. Not to mention it gets my creativity flowing as well, because my boys want nothing to do with anything pink or purple. We are still at the phase where pink and purple are girl colors and girls are gross (and I’m perfectly fine with that right now) so I had to really put my thinking cap on for this one.img_9341-1_374x316

My boys are obsessed with all things robots at the moment. If it transforms or moves on its own, they’re into it. I found this little idea while taking a stroll through Pinterest and thought it would be the cutest little craft to keep them busy for a couple hours, PLUS they can take these cute little creations to school for their Valentines parties to pass out to their friends! #MomWin

So here is what you will need:

Juice Boxes (Boxes of candy hearts would also be a cute alternative)


Kit Kat

Hersey’s Kisses

Foam Adhesive Hearts

Self Stick Googly Eyes

Double Sided Tape (easier for kids to remove later to enjoy)

Step 1:img_9412_374x316

Take the body of the robot (Juice Box) and attach the arms (Kit Kat) with your double sided tape.

Step 2:

Attach the head (Nerds) of the robot onto the body (Juice Box), reinforcing the arms (Kit Kat).

Step 3:

Every good robot has a helmut so take yours (Hershey’s Kiss) and secure it on top of the robot’s head (Nerds).img_9344-1_374x316

Step 4:

Robots can’t function without eyes, so find your favorite spot for the Self Stick Googly Eyes.

Step 5:

The final step is the bring your robot to life, but a robot can’t come to life without a heart! Pick the heart that fits your robot best and enjoy your new creation!

The boys and I had so much fun with this little craft. We ran out of juice boxes when they decided that they wanted to make an entire robot family, so I became resourceful and found little disposable shot glasses. #MomWinsAgain Haha, they were equally as cute!

I hope you and the special little boys in your life enjoy this after school craft as much as me and my boys did. There is nothing in this world that I love more than spending quality time with my little men that will one day have Valentines dates of their own. It is these moments that I treasure most!

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