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The Broke Organic: Kitchen Essentials

By Julie Fink
Posted On Apr 18, 2016
The Broke Organic: Kitchen Essentials

In this adventure of eating organic on a shoestring budget, we are heading to the kitchen and the pantry to scope out the tools we need to sustain an all natural diet. I realized that my transition into organic eating wasn’t as easy as it seemed. For example, I had to throw away a lot, if not all, of my pantry items (all purpose flour, sugar, salt, minute rice, etc.) and start from scratch. I also had to purchase a lot of new appliances for smoothies, juicing, and soups.

So for a person on a budget, when I go to the grocery store each week, I’ll pick out one or a few items on the list below and eventually I’ll have a full-blown organic kitchen! All of the items listed below have multiple uses. Many of these items are pricey but can be carefully budgeted. For example, I’ll ask for one of the appliances as a Christmas gift or I’ll wait until Black Friday to get the deals on the bigger items. Once you have these set in place, it makes life way easier to cook fresh, eat well, and live the organic life:

Kitchen Utensils

Kitchen appliances

Nutribullet or Magic Bullet
Cuisinart, 7-Cup Food Processor
Paderno World Cuisine Spiralizer (for noodle substitute)
Crock pot/slow cooker
Bella Kitchen Juicer
Freshware Vegetable, Fruit and Nut chopper

Pantry Staples

Organic kitchen pantry

Raw unfiltered apple cider vinegar
Organic extra-virgin coconut oil
Organic extra-virgin olive oil
Dates, apricots, and dried fruits
Raw cacao powder
Nutritional yeast
Whole wheat flour
Coconut flour
Rolled oats
Raw honey
Sea salt or Kosher salt
Himalayan pink salt
Black peppercorns
White wine to cook with
Stocks: chicken, vegetable, beef
Stevia (a sugar substitute) or raw, unrefined sugar
Agave syrup or Maple syrup (raw)
Organic baking powder and baking soda
Vanilla extract
Choice of beans and/or lentils
Organic rice and/or pasta
Herbs and spices (your choice but my suggestions would be basil, oregano, nutmeg, garlic powder, onion powder, clove, rosemary, thyme)
Organic coffee and/or green tea

Stay tuned to learn more about cutting costs and eating right from yours truly, The Broke Organic…

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