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The Top Summer Party Trends From The Bash

By New You Editorial
Posted On May 30, 2019
The Top Summer Party Trends From The Bash

Get ahead of the trends you’ll be seeing all summer long.

By: Andrea Fowler

From glamping and summer camp to the classic clambake and garden party, the expert in all things party related, The Bash, has the hottest 2019 party trends to kick up your summer soiree to the next level.

From birthdays to baby showers, summer BBQs, rooftop parties and everything in between, non-wedding events make up an estimated 30 billion dollar industry. And themes are important to party planners! A recent study done by The Bash showed that more than half of all parties have a theme: 57% of parties have a theme, to be exact. (And the most popular theme is Carnival!).

Read the top summer party trends and themes from The Bash and easy ways they can be incorporated into any upcoming event.

Top Summer Party Trends

  1. Swap greenery in place of florals.

Arrangements made with tropical greenery are stepping in for your typical summer blooms. Think: centerpieces made with monstera, banana, palm and elephant ear leaves. These tropical options will last much longer than blooms and lend an air of chic minimalism to a room.

  1. Use paper lanterns en masse.

Balloon garlands have been the statement-making piece de resistance lately, but elaborate paper lantern arrangements are the new wow-factor. Especially for outdoor parties, they double as lighting and can be reused, as opposed to plastic balloon counterparts. And we’re not just talking one string of lanterns—imagine an entire canopy of bright paper lanterns.

  1. Add mocktails to your cocktail menu.

Health and wellness trends, like meditation and diets like Whole 30, have side effects that are definitely seeping into party trends more than we realize. Take cocktails, for example. Party hosts are choosing to put just as much care and thought into non-alcoholic drink options as they are the signature cocktail. Elevated and elegant mocktails give every guest a fun and unique sip to enjoy, rather than just those who are able to consume alcohol.

Top Summer Party Themes

  1. Throw-back decade party themes are always popular, but the ‘80s and ‘90s eras, in particular, are on the rise. This is largely because of trending TV shows, like Sex Education and Stranger Things (and its upcoming Season 2 premiere). We love the idea of applying this theme to a graduation party as a little nod to the past, before looking ahead to the future.


  1. Backyard boho combines the comforts of home with the ambiance of Coachella. Tia Mowry executed this theme perfectly for her daughter’s 1st birthday party, opting for low tables, layered outdoor rugs and floor pillows, flower crowns, and teepee-style tents.


  1. Last year we saw the beginning stages of party themes inspired by summer camp gaining steam, and we expect it to pick right back up where it left off—and then some. Think: parties with an arts and crafts station and group games like Capture the Flag. This party theme is all about bright colors, embracing the outdoors and being a kid again.


When in doubt, just remember that a good time with your nearest and dearest is always a trend!
Andrea Fowler is the site editor for The Bash, a one-stop-shop that combines fun party ideas with a marketplace of professional venues, caterers, bartenders, and entertainers. Visit The Bash for more party planning advice, theme ideas, and professionals to help bring your celebration together.

Photo Courtesy of Photohouse Films; The Bash