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Top 5 Ways to De-Stress Your Weekend

By Sydney Cook
Posted On May 07, 2016
Top 5 Ways to De-Stress Your Weekend


Life is short, so stress less and live more. Here are some ideas on how to appreciate your weekend a bit more.

  1. Be Social

After being surrounded by co-workers all week, we tend to cherish any time we get to spend alone. However, socializing is one of the biggest predictors of happiness. Mingling encourages us to spend our time and money on enjoyable experiences rather than material things. So whether it’s shopping, brunch, or a beach picnic, plan a weekend endeavor and bring a friend along.

  1. Clear Your Mind

This can be done in many ways. Whether it’s meditating, practicing yoga, praying, or even volunteering, once completed, you’ll find that your spirit is uplifted and you will feel more productive. The brain is constantly on, so take some time this weekend to put it to rest.

  1. Sweat It Out

Exercising and having sex share similar traits: both deeds release feel-good endorphins aka happy hormones and promote a younger look and feel. So as you arrange your weekend schedule, make time to get active. Whatever you choose to do is totally up to you.

  1. Compress Your Duties

Set aside 2-3 hours in the morning to complete your responsibilities. Knocking them out first thing in the morning will free up your afternoons to have fun and relax. Ignoring your duties won’t allow you to de-stress because you’ll spend your time thinking about everything you should be doing, so it’s best to run your errands, vacuum your carpet, and do laundry as early as you can.

  1. Re-Invent Your Sunday Night

Sunday night rolls around so fast. After hanging out with friends, going on a hike, and binge-watching Netflix, before you know it, you’re ironing your work attire and packing your lunch in Tupperware. Rather than sitting and thinking about how fast your weekend flew by, re-invent your weekend finale and plan one of the above activities for Sunday night. You’ll fall asleep satisfied with a fond new memory.