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Work Hard, Play Hard: Why You Should Unplug on Vacation

By Lauren Ford
Posted On Jul 04, 2016
Work Hard, Play Hard: Why You Should Unplug on Vacation

It’s vacation season! The time where we all need to get away from the mundane responsibilities of modern life, kick back, and take it easy. This means leaving the laptop behind, disabling the email notifications, and all in all, putting the phone down.

It’s hard to imagine a vacation away from technology, which is probably why we desperately need it. Your Facebook friends will still be there when you get back, and most publications do weekly recaps, so there really are no excuses.

We all work hard and now it’s time to play equally as hard. You can’t play your hardest with your phone in front of your face. Here is why you should unplug on your next vacation.

You’ll Be Less Stressed

Most of the time, staying constantly connected is more of an obligation than a fun distraction. You are on vacation, so act like it. Release yourself from the shackles of your work desk. Stop reading the news for a few days, all that negativity is stress-inducing and will take you out of your relaxing vacation mindset. Enjoy the free time that you rarely get and make the most of it.

You’ll Meet More People


Picture yourself in a bar. Who are you more likely to strike up a convo with the guy staring at his phone or the guy having a beer and chatting with a group.  When you put away your screens, you might find yourself more likely to attract real human interaction, and without Instagram open, you might find yourself open to this idea.

You’ll Make Unexpected Discoveries

Think back to the days before you had your phone to direct you and make your decisions for you. Siri couldn’t tell you where the nearest breakfast joint was or what time the local bar closed. You had to venture out and find these things out for yourself. So instead of using Yelp, wander off and really experience the town’s local gems on your own terms. You might just find a cool coffee shop or a local market, maybe even your summer love.

You’ll Live in the Moment


Pictures definitely make nice memories, but the time you spend editing, filtering, and captioning your perfect photo is time that you could spend actually enjoying your vacation with your loved ones. When you put your phone away and focus on actually savoring the moment, you’ll better remember the feels, sounds, and tastes that pictures can’t capture.

Put yourself to the challenge of unplugging on this year’s vacation. Of course you can snap some pics, but wait to post them until after you have returned so you can get the most out of your vacay.

May the forces of love and relaxation be with you!