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You Can Now Study Happiness at Harvard!

By Lauren Ford
Posted On Apr 28, 2016
You Can Now Study Happiness at Harvard!

Forget marketing, accounting, and architecture; you can now study happiness at Harvard! Is there a theory to happiness and what it really takes to cause it? Well, that is the goal at the Lee Kum Sheung Center for Health and Happiness, the newest branch of the School of Public Health.


The Health and Happiness Center will take a multidisciplinary approach to studying happiness. The center will study “positive psychological well-being,” and will utilize the expertise of anthropologists, biologists, psychologists, nutritionists, and more. The goal of the school is to analyze positive aspects of socialization to better understand what creates and sustains overall happiness. As well as how we can best ensure that people are living more fulfilling lives.

“Medical and psychological practice and research have traditionally focused on the diseases and deficits that cause poor health. But there is real value in focusing on the positive side as well — the assets that keep us healthy or help us recover more quickly from disease and injury. More rigorous research is urgently needed to understand these positive assets and how to promote them for millions of people around the world,” said Laura Kubzansky, co-director of the Center, in a press release.

The initial focus will include:

  • Developing a “happiness index” to measure psychological well-being in a systematic, scientific manner.
  • Understanding the relationship between psychological well-being and healthy aging, longevity, and cardiovascular health.
  • Studying the effects of mindfulness-based practices on health and happiness to see how they might impact diseases such as diabetes and cancer, as well as mental health issues like anxiety, depression, and bipolar disease.
  • Examining the role of communications (ranging from TV programming to social media) on health and happiness.

So put your happy pants on and get to Harvard. Let’s make this world a happier place!


Source: Mother Nature Network