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Beauty Meets Design

By New You Editorial
Posted On Aug 05, 2016
Beauty Meets Design

By Maryann Reid

The toothbrush is ripe for disruption. Two-year-old beauty company Foreo has launched the first reinvention of the electronic toothbrush in more than 60 years, promising to bring you a healthier and far more hygienic cleaning experience. The new ISSA electronic toothbrush uses medicalgrade, non-porous silicone bristles, as opposed to the standard nylon bristles that dominate the market. According to Foreo’s 41-yearold CEO, Paul Peros, the ISSA is “35 times more hygienic than regular toothbrushes with nylon bristles that are home to millions of bacteria.”

Foreo selected silicone bristles for three reasons: They are easier to clean, gentler than the nylon bristles commonly available in drugstores, and automatically decrease germs. The silicone’s quick-drying ability cuts down on the growth of bacteria that goes unseen by the naked eye.Gentler does not mean less effective, though. “Silicone bristles brush the teeth in a far gentler manner than traditional toothbrushes with nylon bristles, which use a damaging, scratching action to clean and can hurt gums easily,” Peros says. Meanwhile, the ISSA maintains its effectiveness by removing plaque, stains, and helping to prevent gum recession.

Following years of design experience with leading luxury brands such as Gucci, Chanel, and Dior, Peros built Sweden-basePAUL_32d Foreo to push the boundaries of what a beauty product can deliver. The silicone bristles actually provide a unique design twist. According to Peros, “3D flexibility in the ergonomic brush head adapts to any tooth surface and curves to the shape of the mouth to reach every tricky crevice.” Consumer education about the value of silicon bristles versus traditional nylon bristles is on the top of Peros’s agenda. He sees great opportunity in enlightening the public. “With the cleanliness of nylon bristles already as a big issue, we have found consumers to be highly receptive to Foreo’s proposition,” he says. The typical Foreo customer doesn’t “follow the crowd” according to Peros, and adheres to Foreo’s design principles of creating products that enhance their lives.

“We want products that perform, yes, but also products that excite and add value in all their aspects in consumers’ lives—from discovery to operation to ownership,” he insists. “The soundness of our basic design principles stems from our disciplined approach to health and well being, guided by our mission to propose solutions that really work.” The toothbrush has been an indispensible cleaning device for the last 60 years. Think of the ISSA as its rebellious, but somehow ingenious, successor. Visit foreo.com.