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Cherishing Summertime

By Tiffany Thomas
Posted On Jul 03, 2016
Cherishing Summertime

We all know and love summertime for a number of reasons. Whether it be the lack of early morning traffic, days that are perfectly made for the beach, or being able to spend more time with our loved ones. But even though the reasons may differ, there is one thing that we all catch ourselves saying by the end of August: where did the time go?

Well Family International initiated a series of summer challenges in an effort to “enjoy the gift that is summer.”

You know what they say, “time sure does fly when you’re having fun,” and summertime is definitely proof of that. Therefore, International Summer’s goal is to create weekly challenges for parents and children to engage in activities that will not only build a string of holiday memories, but will allow them to savor each moment of their summer.

Last week’s challenge consisted of biking or walking to a place that you would usually drive to. For this Fourth of July weekend, the challenge requires a group of people. This fits well with this weekend seeing as how many families will be hosting barbecues. The challenge requires parents to play a classic outdoor game that they used to play when they were younger and teach it to their kids.

It’s no secret that children are now masters at video games and amateurs at anything that requires them to be outdoors. Let’s face it, times have changed. With the advancement of technology, young people are now more captivated by playing in the grass on their iPads instead of actually physically playing in the grass.

With this International challenge, it’s the perfect way to revive so much of what has dwindled down over the years, and create family memories that don’t include watching Netflix or ordering take-out.

The outdoor activity challenge for this week made us remember all the benefits associated with playing outdoors that many don’t take advantage of anymore. If you’re already thinking of joining in on the challenge, here are four more reasons why you should:

  • Playing outside increases attention span

Exposing children to natural settings can help in reducing attention deficit symptoms. Also, children who play outside are more self-directed in that they will try to ascertain and investigate things as opposed to sitting back like children who mostly play inside.

  • Reduces stress

Playing outside is a huge source of healing and relaxing that can greatly decrease stress levels for both adults and children alike.

  • Promotes social skills

Allowing your children to play outdoors can also have a great effect on their social skills, especially if they are playing alongside other children. This is so because they will have to be able to communicate and share depending on the games they are playing.

  • Improves vision

Optometry and Vision Science did a study that showed that children who spend more time outside have better distance vision than children who primarily play indoors.

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Happy Summer!

Cover Photo Credit: Shutterstock